Beginning on Sep 1st, 2012, Amazon will change the way they return marketplace pricing data to all solution providers. Starting with ASellertool PDA scouting software version 9, ASellertool will return pricing data to sellers, according to the new data we receive from Amazon MWS system. All sellers using ASellertool scouting software or Listing Tool must upgrade to the latest version 9 before 8/31.

If you are currently using a "Locked Down" PDA from either rental package or from replacement, then you cannot upgrade to version 9 by yourself. Click here to get a PDA from us with version 9 pre-installed.

Below are the instructions to upgrade to latest version, and tutorial on using it.

Please make sure you write down your user ID and password before you remove old software. You need this information after you install the new software. You can also get your current account information from here.

Download Software


Q1: When I run v9 PDA software, my pda is saying that it requires a newer version of compact framework.
ANS: You need to install .Net Compact Framework 3.5

Q2: When I tried to scan a book and it is saying the config file version mismatch or config file is missing.
ANS: You need to install PC Downloader V9 or Web Download V9 and do a fresh data download

Q3: The software is missing some features I want, or I have some suggestions or I just hate this software.
ANS: We want to product software that will truly work for your business and address your issues. So we always love to hear your feedback about our product. You can either send email to support at asellertool dot com or go to our online chat to express your opinion.