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***** NOTE: If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 ActiveSync will NOT work, you must use Windows Mobile Device Center *****

1.      Download ActiveSync

2.      Click “Accept and Download”

3.      Click “Save”

4.      Save File to Desktop

5.      Close browser and go to desktop

6.      Double click setup.msi


7.      If you get a security warning click “Run”

8.      Click Next

9.      Accept License Agreement

10.  Click Next

11.  Enter your name

12.  You can leave Organization blank

13.  Click Next

14.  Click Next

15.  Click Install

a.       Install will take a couple of min


16.  Click Finish

17.  If you are asked to reboot click “Yes”

18.  Click “Start”

19.  Click “Programs”

20.  Click “Microsoft ActiveSync”

21.  Click “File”

22.  Click “Connection Settings…”

23.  Make sure your screen look like this

24.  Check “Show status icon in taskbar”

25.  Check “Allow USB connections”

26.  Uncheck “Allow connections to one of the following:”

27.  This computer is connected to:

a.       Change to “The Internet”

28.  Check “Open ActiveSync when my device connects”

29.  If option available Uncheck “Allow wireless connection on device when connected to the desktop”

30.  Click “OK”

31.  Congratulations! ActiveSync is now ready to connect to your PDA

32. Now we need to Set up a New Partnership with your PDA


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