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   Instructions below are for PC ONLY. Click here for installation on MAC

1.   If you already have an account (a pair of AST user ID & password), or you are upgrading (or downgrading) to a different version, please go to step 3, otherwise continue to step 2

2.   If you do not have an account Get Started NOW!

3.   Make sure you have the proper software installed on your PC to connect to the PDA

a.   XP – ActiveSync (Don't have ActiveSync go HERE)

b.   Vista or Windows 7 – Windows Mobile Device Center (Don't have Windows Mobile Device Center Download go HERE)

4.   If you already have an older version of ASellertool program on your PDA, please remove it by clicking on the "start" menu -> "Settings" -> click on "System" tab -> "Remove Programs" -> Select "ASellerTool" and then click "Remove". Then do a Soft-Reset on the PDA.

5.   Connect PDA to computer

a.   Place PDA in cradle and connect USB cable into computer

b.   XP – Wait for ActiveSync to say “Synchronized”

c.   Vista or Windows 7 – Wait for Windows Mobile Device Center to say “Connected” and click “Connect without setting up device”

6.   Choose a version of PDA scouting

a.   Install from PC:
Click here to install ASellertool 9.0
(Display Five Lowest Prices, easier to install & use, highly recommended)

b. If the above does not work, or you are using MAC, then install from PDA:
Click here to install ASellertool 9.0 from PDA


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