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Quick Recommendation by ASellertool:
In short words, we highly recommend Dell X51 PDA to pair up with Socket 5E2 attached scanner, OR Socket 7E2 bluetooth scanner.

See below for complete details of system requirements:

Required PDA Functionalities or Features:
PDA with Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 installed. The Scanner software from socketmobile.com is not fully compatible with Windows Mobile 6.1 and higher.

NOTE: Windows Smart Phones WITHOUT Touch Screen are NOT compatible

PDA with SD/MicroSD Card Slot with at least a 1 GB card for downloaded databases

Optional PDA Functionalities or Features:
CompactFlash Slot (for Socket 5M/5P CF Card Scanners that is attached to PDA)

Bluetooth (for Socket 7M/7P Cordless Scanners)

Earphones (for discreet listening to buy/reject signals and text-to-speech reading of screen data)

PDAs recommended and sold by ASellertool with ready-to-use packages:
Dell Axim X50, X51, X51v, HP iPAQ 2490 , HP iPAQ 110 (paired with Bluetooth scanner only)
WARNING: Any device not sold and/or tested by us cannot be guaranteed to work with our software, even if it meets system requirements.


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