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When downloading you receive "License code is invalid"

Possible Cause

  1. You have used the same username and password for different PDA

  2. You have switched PDA's and are still using the same SD Card

  3. You input the wrong user id, password or both

  4. You are using the PC downloader and have typed the license key incorrectly

  5. You account has Expired

Solution -
For #1 & #2 above - Email and state that you have switched PDA's and need your license reset

For #3 & #4 above  - Make sure you typed in the license key correctly

For #5 - Renew your subscription HERE


When scanning you receive "Invalid License"

Solution -

  1. Do a successful data download

  2. Soft Reset PDA  before trying to scan

  3. Scan barcode again


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