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NOTE: We have come out with a new version of Listing Tool, which has a lot of new features, much more user-friendly and provides deep integration with FBA. The old version below will no longer be supported.



Section I: Requirements:

1. The seller account has to be on Pro Merchant subscription with Amazon, so that multiple item listing is possible.

2. You have installed or upgraded to PC downloader 7.x on your desktop/laptop.

3. You have installed or upgraded to PDA scouting program 7.x on your PDA.


Section II: Installing or upgrading to PC Downloader 5.0

Please follow step 1 to 4 from the tutorial here to install or upgrade to PC Downloader 7.x

Please follow step 1 to 4 from the tutorial here to upgrade to PDA Scouting program 7.x

Section III: Basic Concepts of How ASellertool Listing Tool Works

Before scanning your inventory for listing, you will first sort your inventory items into different "STACKS", according to the item condition and shipping option.

For example, you might have 7 "stacks" of books setup like the following table:

Stack # Condition Shipping
1 Like New Priority & Int'l
2 Very Good Priority & Int'l
3 Good Priority & Int'l
4 Acceptable Priority & Int'l
5 New Priority & Int'l
6 Like New Priority
7 Very Good Priority

NOTE: The table above just serves as an example. You most likely will have more than 7 stacks, and our system allows you to mix up media items with books on each stack, if that's your preference.

After that, you will follow the instructions below to configure the listing tool. The idea is, when you use a scanner to scan items belonging to the same "stack" , the system will store the ISBN or UPC barcode value of each item , and then each barcode will be stored with the same setting of (1) Item Condition, (2) Shipping option, and (3) any additional text description.  

Section IV: First time setup with PC Downloader

The first time you use the listing tool, you will need to define a list of "Preset". Each "Preset" is a number (1 to 40) that will be associated with one set of (1) condition, (2) shipping option, and (3) additional description.

IMPORTANT: Each individual "Preset" should logically match an individual "Stack" described in Section III above.

Instructions for setting up "Preset"

Step 1. Open PC downloader 7.x

Step 2. Click "menu" (at top left hand corner) -> "Listing tool", you should see a screen as below:

Step 3. Use the "Edit Description Preset" panel window to pre-define the condition of the listings.

First choose a number from the dropdown list, then click the "Edit" button.

Step 4. Inside "Condition" panel, click to select one of the conditions : "Like New", "Very Good", "Good", "Acceptable", or "New"

Step 5. Inside "Shipping" panel, check the box for either "Priority" or "International", or BOTH.

Step 6. Inside the textbox underneath the "Shipping" panel, type a brief description. The text typed here will be shown under "Seller's Comments" on your Amazon listing for that item.

Step 7. Click the "Save" button to save settings for that particular preset-number.

The screen-shot below will illustrate Step 3 to Step 7 above.

Step 8. You will repeat Step 3 to Step 7 above to save settings for different Preset-Number. Below is an EXAMPLE of what a list of different Presets will look like.


Preset-Number Condition Shipping Additional Description
1 Like New Priority & Int'l Prime condition. We ship fast
2 Very Good Priority & Int'l Very clean text. We ship daily
3 Good Priority & Int'l Item is in good condition. We ship daily
4 Acceptable Priority & Int'l Item is in Acceptable condition. We ship daily
5 New Priority & Int'l New. We ship daily
6 New Priority Sealed, brand-new. We ship daily
7 Like New Priority Prime condition. We ship daily

NOTE: Notice the settings for "Presets" here closely match the settings for "Stacks" in Section III.

Section V: Scanning inventory with PDA

Preparation Work:

BEFORE proceeding to scanning inventory, you should have already sorted your items into different "stacks". And you need to have assigned a "Preset-Number" for each "stack".

NOTE: If you have problem identifying the "Preset-Number" for a particular "stack" , or you are not sure what a "Preset-Number" is , please carefully review the tutorial on Section III and Section IV above.

Setup in PDA for scanning:

Step 1. Open ASellertool PDA scouting program

Step 2. Click "menu" on bottom left corner, and then click "Listing Tool" , this will open up the listing tool program on your PDA>

Step 3. Now you are ready to process the first "stack" of book. First identify the "Preset-Number" for the "stack" you are going to process.

Step 4: In the dropdown under "Description Preset" , click to select the "Preset-Number" assigned for this "stack".

Step 5. In the textbox under "SKU Prefix", enter the prefix for the SKU. Technically you can assign any alphabets or numbers to be prefix. For example, you could use "BK" for books, "CD" for Music CD, .... etc.

Step 6. In the textbox under "SKU Suffix", enter the suffix for the SKU. Suffix must be a number. The value you entered here will become the starting number for the stack.

Step 7. Click on the long textbox, which has the word "1" on the left of it. The long textbox is located right underneath the textboxes for Prefix and Suffix.

Step 8. Scan the barcodes of each item on the stack.

Step 9. Press the "save" button to save barcodes scanned for this "stack".

Below is a screen-shot to illustrate Step 3 to Step 9 above.

Detailed Explanation of Step 3 to Step 7 with the screen shot above:

Assuming there are 5 Music CD in the first "stack" of books. After scanning all five CD, the screen on PDA will look similar to above.

Assuming All 5 CD in the first "stack" are are "Like New" Condition, shipped with both Priority and International. So according to the "Preset" settings example defined in Section IV , this stack of books is assigned "Preset-Number 1". And as shown in the screen, the number "1" is selected in the dropdown.

By entering "A" for "Prefix", and "1" for "Suffix", each barcode scanned will be assigned a SKU when posted to Amazon, as shown below:

ISBN/UPC barcode SKU Assigned Condition Shipping Description
786936693652 A1 Like New Priority & Int'l Prime condition. We ship fast!
014633152494 A2 Like New Priority & Int'l Prime condition. We ship fast!
097360169270 A3 Like New Priority & Int'l Prime condition. We ship fast!
786936124965 A4 Like New Priority & Int'l Prime condition. We ship fast!
9780064400558 A5 Like New Priority & Int'l Prime condition. We ship fast!

Notice that while the value for Prefix stay the same (as "A") , the program will automatically increment the value for Suffix. And while each item has an unique SKU assigned , all 5 of them share the same (1) condition, (2) shipping options, and (3) description

Step 10: Repeat Step 4 to Step 9 above for each stack of items. Notice that each stack of items is usually assigned a different "Preset-Number". Make sure you have selected the corresponding "Preset-Number" on the dropdown.

IMPORTANT: Before scanning the first item on a stack , make sure you have clicked on the long textbox, which has the word "1" on the left of it.

Section VI: Uploading Scanned Inventory Data to Amazon

Step 1. Connect your PDA to PC via "ActiveSync" OR "Mobile Device Center" if your PC is running Windows Vista or Windows 7.

IMPORTANT: You MUST see the word "Connected" on the screen of ActiveSync or Mobile Device Center , before you can proceed to next step.

Step 2. Open PC downloader 5.0

Step 3. Click "menu" (at top left hand corner) -> "Listing tool", you should see a screen as below:

Step 4. Click the "Get upload file from PDA" button. Under the hood, the program will copy the inventory file from PDA to PC downloader. And then for each barcode scanned, it will check with Amazon to see if it is listable.

Step 5. Upload the inventory file to Amazon

There are two ways to upload:

Method #1: If you want the PC downloader to do the upload for you , then fill in the "Amazon Email" and "Amazon Password" , then click the "Upload to Amazon" button.


Method #2: If you want to upload the file manually, you can locate the file at c:\asellertool\upload.txt , and then upload yourself in Amazon web site.

Step 6. After upload is finished, Notice that all items uploaded are priced at $199 at this point. You will need to either run a repricing program, or manually reprice it in Amazon web site.


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