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1.   Do you have the correct software installed on your PC to connect to the PDA:

a.     Windows XP - Download  and Install ActiveSync

b.     Windows Vista or Windows 7 - Download and Install Windows Mobile Device Center

2.   PDA with CF Scanner (Scanner is attached to top of PDA)

a.     Dell Axim X5 (Check my Version)

                                                               i.    Dell Axim X5 PPC 2002 with CF Scanner

                                                              ii.    Dell Axim X5 PPC 2003 with CF Scanner

b.     Dell Axim X50 with CF Scanner

c.      Dell Axim X51 with CF Scanner

d.     Dell Axim X51v with CF Scanner

e.     HP iPAQ 2490 with CF Scanner

3.   PDA with Bluetooth Scanner

a.     Dell Axim X51 with Bluetooth Scanner

b.     Dell Axim X51v with Bluetooth Scanner

c.      HP iPAQ 2490 with Bluetooth Scanner


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