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NOTE: This page is for Dell X50 or HP iPAQ PDA. To setup bluetooth for Dell X51 PDA, please click here.

1.   Go the home screen of the PDA      


2.   Look for a little red circle in the bottom right corner of the screen (The "Socket Scan" icon")

a.   If not there

b.   Tap "Start"


c.   Tap "Programs"


d.   Tap "Socket Scan"


                                         i.    if "Socket Scan" is not there then you need to install the Socket Scan driver

e.   Tap the “X” in the top right corner of the screen

3.   If the red circle is there then Tap it

4.   Tap “Settings”


a.   You will see a row of tabs at the bottom of the screen, Tap the "Sound" tab

b. If you would like to turn off the "BEEP" sound of the scanner choose "No Sound"


c. Next Tap the "CS HW" tab

d. Select "Scan Always"

e. Set Beep to "Off"

And if there is a checkbox for "Disable Auto Power Off mode", CHECK the box.


f.   Tap the “CS” tab

g.    Check “Enable Cordless Scanner Support”

h.    If you have the option to select the “Stack” make sure it says “Built in”

If there is NO "Favorite" button on your PDA screen , simply click "OK" on top right corner to close and proceed to next step


5. Tap the "Socket Scan" icon


6. Select "Connect CS"

        a. Please make sure your Bluetooth scanner is turned on and with in 3-5 feet of the PDA


i. If a message pops up about the Bluetooth being off and asking to turn it on, Tap "Yes" 



7.   If the red circle goes away open ASellerTool and try scanning a book


8. If the red circle is still there the PDA is NOT connected to the scanner


9. Tap the "Socket Scan" icon

10. Select "Symbology Selector"


11. Tap "Enable All"


12. Click "OK" in the top right corner to save



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