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IMPORTANT: You only need to perform the steps below to install socket scanner driver, if the scanner driver program in your PDA is lost.

  1. Verify the O/S version of your PDA, by (1) click "start" menu on top left corner , (2) click "Settings" , (3) click "System" tab (the middle tab) at the bottom , (4) click "About" icon , (5) On the 3rd line, if it reads "1996-2001" , then the O/S version is Pocket PC 2002.

    If your O/S version is Pocket PC 2002 , we no longer support your PDA at this time; you may check online to see if your PDA can be upgraded to Pocket PC 2003 or above, or, if you are a subscribed customer, you can go here to see our PDA Replacement Program.

    For all other O/S versions (including Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0) , please follow instructions below:

  2. Make sure you have the proper software installed on your PC to connect to the PDA

    1. XP – ActiveSync (Don't have ActiveSync go HERE)

    2. Vista or Windows 7 – Windows Mobile Device Center (Don't have Windows Mobile Device Center Download go HERE)

  3. Take the Socket Scanner out of PDA

  4. Place PDA in cradle and connect USB cable into computer

    1. XP – Wait for ActiveSync to say “Synchronized”

    2. Vista – Wait for Windows Mobile Device Center to say “Connected” and click “Connect without setting up device”

  5. Download Socket Scanner Driver Software and save to desktop DOWNLOAD

  1. Take the PDA out of the cradle

  2. Take the Scanner out of the PDA

  3. Soft reset your PDA

  4. Look for small red circle with a slash in bottom right hand corner of your screen

  5. Congratulations! The Socket scanner driver was successfully installed. Please continue to the steps below.

If your scanner is Socket bluetooth cordless scanner, please go to tutorial for setup and connect bluetooth scanner to PDA.

If your scanner is Socket CF scanner that is attached to the PDA:

  1. Gently and firmly attach the scanner to the slot at the top of PDA

  2. Look for icon to change to this

  3. Go to tutorial for setting up scanner button for using the attached scanner.


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