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  1. If your PDA model is Dell X5, with Pocket PC 2002 (Check your Pocket PC version) , then please click here to reinstall scanner driver for Pocket PC 2002

    For all other PDA models, including Dell X50, X51, X51v, or X5 with Pocket PC 2003, or HP iPAQ 2490, please follow instruction below:

  2. Make sure you have the proper software installed on your PC to connect to the PDA
    1. XP – ActiveSync (Don't have ActiveSync go HERE)
    2. Vista – Windows Mobile Device Center (Don't have Windows Mobile Device Center Download go HERE)
  3. Take the Socket Scanner out of PDA
  4. Place PDA in cradle and connect USB cable into computer
    1. XP – Wait for ActiveSync to say “Synchronized”
    2. Vista – Wait for Windows Mobile Device Center to say “Connected” and click “Connect without setting up device”
  5. Download Socket Scanner Driver Software and save to desktop

                                         i.    Click “Save”

                                        ii.    Save to Desktop

                                      iii.    Click “Open”

                                      iv.    Double Click SocketScanCE.exe

                                       v.    Click “Next”

                                      vi.    Click “Next”

                                    vii.    Accept License Agreement and Click “Next”

                                   viii.    Click “Next”

                                      ix.    Wait for install to Finish and Click “OK”

                                       x.    Click “Finish”

                                      xi.    On your PDA Select “Device” and Tap “Install” in the bottom left hand corner

                                    xii.    Wait for software to install

                                   xiii.    Tap “OK” in the top right corner of the box

                                  xiv.    Tap “OK” in the top right corner of the screen

                                    xv.    Take the PDA out of the cradle

                                  xvi.    Take the Scanner out of the PDA

                                 xvii.    Soft reset your PDA

                                xviii.    Tap “Start”

                                  xix.    Tap “Programs”

                                    xx.    Tap “Socket Scan”

                                  xxi.    Tap “X” in the top right corner of screen to close programs screen

                                 xxii.    Look for small red circle with a slash in bottom right hand corner of your screen

                                xxiii.    Congratulations! The Socket Scan software was successfully installed

                               xxiv.    Place Scanner in top of PDA

                                xxv.    Look for  icon to change to this

                               xxvi.    If your scanner is attached to PDA, then setup a scanner button on your PDA.

                               xxvi.    If your scanner is a cordless bluetooth scanner, then setup bluetooth scanner.


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