Switch User ID


 To switch User IDs from one PDA/device to another:
  1. Enter your User ID and Password into the device you wish to use, by entering the Asellertool application, tapping ‘Menu’, and then User Accounts. While on this page, write down or otherwise make a note of the Device ID/License Key

  2. Contact us in one of three ways:
    1. E-mail us at support@asellertool.com with the subject “License Reset Request”. Include your AST User ID, the License Key of the device you wish to transfer to, and a brief description of the circumstances that require the switch. Please specify weather or not you’ve used this device before with our service, or, if you’ve recently acquired it, how it was acquired.

    2. Contact us via online chat at http://messenger.providesupport.com/messenger/semi_water.html and, in the question section, ask for a license reset. Be sure to have the information needed for the e-mail ready.
    3. Call us at 888-604-8886, and select option 1. Be sure to have the information needed for the e-mail ready.
  3. Once you’ve given us the information we need, technical support staff will switch your account to the new PDA. If you’ve contacted us by e-mail, we’ll send you an e-mail back once the process is complete.

  4. Conduct a data download following the instructions at http://www.asellertool.com/ent/support/data_download.htm . If you’re able to conduct a download through methods 1-3, congratulations! Your new device has been successful associated with your account. You’ll be ready to go after the data download is complete.
  5. If you use method 4 (direct web download), or are a Mac user, you’ll need to wait until the files have completely downloaded and been extracted to the SD card, and then do a test scan with the new PDA, in order to ensure the process has been successful.


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