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To ensure the scouting program to function properly on your PDA, please configure your PDA according to steps below:

Section 0: Bring up the "Settings" screen on your PDA:

Section A: Configure Sound:

Section B: Configure PDA Power:

Section C: Adjust PDA LCD Backlight to Save Power:

Section D: Disable PDA Beam to Save Power:

Section E: Disable PDA USB to PC Option to Allow PDA Database Download:

NOTE: This option is only available to PDAs running Windows Mobile 6 and above and some PDAs running Windows Mobile 5. If you do not see this option on your PDA, you can simply ignore it.

Section F: Adjust PDA Time and Date to be Today's Time and Date:

Section G: Configure Scanner Trigger Button:

NOTE: This setting is only needed if you are using a scanner that is attached to your PDA, such as a CF (CompactFlash) Card Socket Scanner

Important Note: If your PDA is Dell X50, X51, X51v, please set "Button 1" to "Calendar", and set "Button 5" to "SocketScan" (And ignore the settings described in picture below)

Section H: Configure the ActiveSync Software on your Desktop/Laptop PC (Not on your PDA):


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