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Beginning on Sep 1st, 2012, Amazon will change the way they return marketplace pricing data to all solution providers. Starting with ASellertool PDA Scouting Version 9.0, ASellertool will return pricing data to sellers, according to the new data we receive from Amazon MWS system. All sellers using ASellertool scouting software or Listing Tool must upgrade to the latest version 9.0, and pay close attention to the changes explained in this page.

Below is an example to illustrate the changes:

Prices displayed on

(NOTE: Prices on, are NOT the same as pricing data returned to solution providers by Amazon after Sep 2012)

USED Offers
UsedCondFBA Rating
7.21ANo 95%
7.33ANo 96%
8.50GNo 88%
9.21VGNo 95%
9.25GNo 88%
9.98VGNo 96%
10.33LNNo 98%
10.50GYES 96%
11.60VGNo 95%
11.82VGNo 99%
12.35GYES 99%
13.89 VGNo 100%
14.25LNNo 99%
NEW Offers
NewFBA Rating
11.82No 92%
11.83No 93%
12.39No 96%
13.62No 94%
16.81YES 93%
16.82YES 92%
18.50YES 100%
19.80No 99%
19.82Yes 99%

Prices displayed on PDA Scouting Version 9

USED Prices 7.2 8.5 9.2 10.3  
Condition +
# of offers in group
A-2 G-2 VG-3 LN-2  
NEW Prices 11.8 12.4 19.8    
# of offers in group 3 1 1    
FBA USED prices 10.5        
Condition +
# of offers in group
FBA NEW prices 16.8 18.5      
# of offers in group 2 1      
Ranking + Used & New Count 7,920   28 15

Prices displayed on PDA Scouting Version 8.12

USED 7.2 7.3 8.5 9.2 9.3
NEW 11.8 11.8 12.4 13.6 16.8
Ranking + Used & New Count 7,920   28 15

Explanation of Changes
1. Beginning on Sep 1st, 2012, Amazon will NO longer return pricing data in the form of what you see on, to any solution providers.

2. Instead, Amazon will return pricing data to solution providers, in the forms of "Groups".

Amazon groups multiple offers together, by a combination of the following attributes of the offer:

  (1) Item Condition - New, Like-New, Very Good, Good, Acceptable
  (2) Fulfillment Channel - FBA or Self-Fulfill
  (3) Feedback rating of the seller - 98-100%, 95-97%, 90-94%, 80-89%, 70-79%

3. For each "Group", Amazon returns the (1) Lowest offer price, and (2) Number of offers in the group

4. Quick Explanation on the Example:

Look at the first two offers returned by (see example above on the left) - $7.21 and $7.33, these two offers would be "grouped together" into one single group. Because both offers are (1) Condition - Acceptable (2) Self-Fulfillment, (3) Feedback rating between 95-97%

So in the PDA Scouting Version 9 (see example above on the right), you would see 7.2, which is the lowest price among all offer prices in this group. And then you would see the letter "A" (stands for Acceptable). Then the number - "2" next to "A", indicates that there are two offers in this group.

Click here for detailed explanation on the pricing for USED, NEW and FBA

Advantages of PDA Scouting Version 9

   (1) As long as Amazon return FBA prices for the barcode, we will display them.

       On PDA screen, FBA prices are highlighted in "red", and displayed separately from non-FBA prices.
   (2) The "TRUE" lowest price (list price + shipping) is guaranteed to be displayed.

       Refer to the pricing example above, the "TRUE" lowest USED price is the FBA offer at $10.5 ($10.5 - $3.99 = $6.51), NOT the non-FBA offer at $7.2
   (3) Pricing screen will not be "jammed" by "low-balls" , or by a large number of low-priced offers for Acceptable or Good Condition
   (4) Seller will get a much broader picture of prices in the market, than just the lowest 5.

   Disadvantages of pricing display in version 9

   (1) The five prices returned are usually not the lowest five prices you see on

   NOTE: However the TRUE lowest (listing price + shipping) used and new price, are now guaranteed to be displayed in version 9

Click here for detailed explanation on the pricing for USED, NEW and FBA

Click here to upgrade to version 9


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