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If you are currently using a "Locked Down" PDA that came with either rental package, or replacement PDA, then you will not be able to upgrade to version 9 by yourself. We have a procedure to make it really simple for you to get a PDA with version 9 pre-installed, at no charge to you.

NOTE: To check whether your PDA is locked down, simply exit the ASellertool scouting program from your PDA. If you can only see four icons on the screen after exit (the four icons are "ASellerTool", "Internet Explorer", "Align Screen", anbd "Scanner Button"), then your PDA is locked down.

If your PDA is NOT locked down, then you can upgrade to version 9 by following instructions here.

Steps to get a PDA with version 9 pre-installed

(1) Pay a deposit of $80 by using this paypal button

Price:  $80

(2) After we receive the payment, we will mail you a PDA with version 9 and all other necessary software pre-installed, and also a pre-paid shipping label.
(3) You will mail us back the old PDA, with the pre-paid shipping label.
(4) After we recieve the old PDA that is previously locked-down by AST, we will fully refund the $80 deposit. So there is no charge to you at all. But if the PDA is not previously locked-down by AST, we reserve the right to charge a processing fee.


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