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***** NOTE: IMPORTANT: If you have been downloading with PC Downloader, you MUST upgrade both PDA program and PC downloader. *****

Here are just a few new features for Version 8.1

         Display of the 5 lowest Used & New book prices

         Display of the actual sales rank if higher than 2 million

How to Upgrade

        1.   Upgrade ASellerTool program on PDA to Version 8.1

        2.   Upgrade PC Downloader

         If you have been using Data Download Method 1 - Download Data from ASellerTool program on PDA then you do not need to upgrade the PC Downloader

         If you have been using Data Download Method 2 or 3 and you are upgrading your ASellerTool Program to Version 8.1 on your PDA then you will also need to Upgrade your PC Downloader as well

        3. Go to Tutorial for 8.1 Features


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