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***** Note: To use this method of installation you MUST have a USB SD Card Reader *****

1. Download the ASellerTool autorun.exe and save to your desktop

a. Click Save.

b. Click the location that you would like to save the file (Please note that this screen will vary depending on your operarting system or Internet browser).


2. Copy the autorun.exe to the SD card

a. Insert your USB SD Card Reader and open My Computer.

b. Locate the SD card. The SD card will be listed under SD Card or Removable/Mass Storage Device. Double click on the SD card.

c. Navigate to the desktop on your PC, right click on autorun.exe and select Copy.

d. Go to Removable Storage/Mass Storage device (My Computer) and right click and select Paste.

e. Put SD Card back into the PDA.


3. Install ASellerTool from the SD card

a. Tap Start in the upper left corner of the PDA, then tap Programs

b. Tap File Explorer

c. Tap Program Files or whatever is listed in the upper left drop down me

d. Tap My Device

e. Tap SD Card

f. Tap the autorun file to begin the installation

g. Tap Yes if prompted

h. Wait while the programs are installed to the PDA

i. Once the ASellerTool program is installed you will be prompted to reset (reboot) the PDA.

Congratulations!!! You now have the ASellerTool program installed on your PDA, please continue with following:. 

If your scanner is attached to PDA, then setup a scanner button on your PDA.

If your scanner is a cordless bluetooth scanner, then setup bluetooth scanner.

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