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We support up to 7 steps of minimum pricing and corresponding sales rank combinations to trigger buying sound.  You can choose your desired number of steps from just 1 step to 7 steps pricing info.  For example, if you only need 5 steps of pricing, you can fill up the first 5 rows and leave the last 2 rows empty.
As an example, with price settings like the screenshot below, you will get a buy signal when you scan an item with following prices:
(1) Price = $3.55, ranking = 5000, OR (2) Price = $6.62, ranking = 250,000, OR (3) price = $41.25, ranking = 0 (No ranking)

You will get a reject signal, when you scan an item with following prices:
(1) Price = $3.55, ranking = 60,000, OR (2) Price = $6.62, ranking = 500,000, OR (3) price = $34.25, ranking = 0 (No ranking)

You can setup multiple pricing templates. To setup a new pricing template, click on "Crit 2", input your pricing structure, and click "Save" button. To switch back to "Crit 1", tap on "Pricing" from "start menu", click on "Crit 1", and click "Save" button.



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