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What Devices will NOT work with ASellerTool



    Treo 650P

    Treo 700P

    Any Palm OS based PDA/PDA phone

    Windows Mobile Smartphone

What Devices will work with ASellerTool

      Here are the devices that we have tested and confirm work with our software:

      Dell Axim X5

      Dell Axim X30

      Dell Axim X50

      Dell Axim X51

      Dell Axim X51v

      HP iPAQ 2490

If you already own a Windows Pocket PC PDA, or a Windows Smartphone, please sign-up a 21 days free trial HERE. If you are looking to purchase equipment, we recommend buying from our ready-to-use package at HERE. If you want to purchase equipment yourself, we recommend picking one of the models above, and pair up with a SocketMobile laser scanner for best performance

***** NOTE: For Windows Mobile PDA phone, your only choice of scanner will be a Bluetooth scanner, which can cost up to $450 brand new *****



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