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  1. Download ROM A03 from HERE and save it to your desktop

  2. Double click R59756.exe from your desktop

  3. Click "Continue"

  4. Click "OK"

  5. Wait for files to be extracted

  6. Click "OK"

  7. The "Dell Axim System Update" program should automatically start

  8. If it does not you can click here to start the program (click yes to any warnings you may receive)

  9. File location is C:\Dell\Drivers\R59756\Setup.exe if you would like to browse to it

  10. Click "Next"

  11. Click “Next”

        3 (60K) 

    16.  Check “Save the current ROM…” 

    17.  Click “Next”

        4 (83K)

    18.  Click “Continue”

        5 (114K)

    19.  Click “Continue”

        6 (27K)

    20.  Wait approx 10-15 min and your PDA will reset

        7 (49K)

    21.  Congratulations!!! You have now upgraded to PPC 2003

    22.  Now we need to upgrade to ROM A05


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