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There are several ways to get started using ASellerTool

Scouting with a PDA:

         If you already have a User ID and Password Skip to the next step

o   First you will need to register for a User ID and Password and your 7 Days Free Trial

o   If you have already done a Free Trial or are just ready to get started you will need to sign up for a subscription

         Next you will need a PDA and Scanner

o   We have several ready to go packages available that includes everything you will need to get started - HERE

  Scanner           SD Card

  PDA                  Subscription

o   If you have your own equipment you will need to install the ASellerTool program and do a Data Download

o   Next you will need to learn how to use all the features of the ASellerTool program

Scouting with a Smartphone:

         Please visit our page for the FBAScan Smartphone Application to learn more.


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