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***** IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have NEVER done a Data Download then you MUST send us your License Key before you will be able to use the web download *****

Click Here for Video Tutorials on Downloading the Database

How to find your License Key




4.   It is VERY important to send us your License Key EXACTLY as it appears in the PDA because it is Case Sensitive

5.   Please email your User ID and License Key to with the subject of “First Time Web Download”

6.   When you receive an email back stating that your License Key has been updated then you will be able to use the Web Download

NOTE: You only need to perform the steps above, if it is the first time you download with your account.


Web Download

1. First check the version number of your PDA scouting program.

2. Confirm that you are running Version 7.0 or above, and then click on the link below; it will open up a new browser window:

a.   Web Download for Version 9

3.   Read the instructions below, note that all the screen-shots refer to the steps you are going to take on the new browser opened from Step 2.

You will need to use "Stuffit Expander" to unzip the downloaded files. If you have not yet installed "Stuffit Expander" on your MAC , please download & install for free from

Congratulations! You are now ready to start scanning with the latest data.


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