How to Install the PC Downloader
How to Install the PC Downloader  

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***** If you have an older version, click here to upgrade to PC Downloader 8.1.2 *****

1.   Install ActiveSync 4.5 for Windows XP and Set up a new Partnership

2.   Install Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows Vista or Windows 7 (WMDC)

3.   Hook up PDA with PC & Sync your PDA with ActiveSync or WMDC

4.   If you do not have a PDA cradle to sync it with, or the cord , just open ActiveSync or WMDC and

5.   Download the PC downloader that corresponds to the ASellerTool version on your PDA - Check my Version of ASellerTool

     a.   If you have ASellerTool Version 7.x

         i.    For XP Only, Download & Install .NET Framework 2.0 for Desktop PC

         ii.    Download PC Downloader 8.1.2

6.   Save it to your desktop

7.   On your desktop open

8.    You should see a folder "Release" open it

9.    Now you should see 2 files, you want to double click "Setup.exe" the application

 Congratulations! the PC Downloader is installed and ready to go


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