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The latest version of PC Downloader 8.1.2 fixes the issue with "Listing Tool"

***** NOTE: If your PDA scouting program is below version 7.X, then you must upgrade to the latest version of ASellerTool before using this new PC Data Downloader to do a Data Download or you will receive an error *****

***** VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST uninstall the existing PC Downloader on your computer *****

  • Click "Start"

  • Click "Control Panel"

  • Click "Add/Remove Programs" on Windows XP or "Programs and Features" on Windows Vista

  • Click "ASellerTool PC Downloader"

  • Click "Uninstall"

1.   Download ASellerTool Version 8.1.2 PC Downloader

2.   Save it to your desktop

3.   On your desktop open PC_Downloader.zip

4.                You should see a folder "Release" open it

5.                Now you should see 3 files, you want to double click "Setup.exe" the application






14.                Congratulations! the PC Downloader is installed and ready to go


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