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Please follow the steps below to connect ROV scanner to your PDA via bluetooth.

Step #1:


Step #2:


Step #3:


Step #4:


Step #5:


Step #6:


Step #7:


Step #8:


Step #9:


Step #10:


Initial Setup Completed

You have completed the initial setup. The scanner is ready to use. Please continue to read tutorials below about using ROV scanner.

Procedures to Scan a Book

  1. Open ASellertool Program by clicking "Start" menu, -> click "Programs" -> click "ASellerTool" program icon, like the screen below:

  2. After the ASellerTool screen is brought up, press the scanner button to scan the barcode of a book. Hold down the scanner button until the laser beam goes away.

  3. You should see the ISBN/UPC number showing up in the textbox at the top of the screen.

Procedures to Turn Off Scanner

  1. Follow Step 3 to 5 above to open "Scanner Wedge"

  2. Click the "DeActivate" button as shown in Step #10.

  3. Turn off PDA. ROV scanner will shut down itself in a couple of minutes.

Some important facts about ROV scanner:

  1. When you press the scanner button and no beam comes out, the battery needs to be replaced.

  2. ROV scanner will shut down itself to save power, after leaving it to idle for couple of minutes.

  3. If the PDA is not turned off, the scanner will remain connected to the PDA.

  4. When you are not using the tool, simply turn off the PDA. There is no need to turn off scanner, as it will shut down itself.

  5. Sometimes you have to do a soft-reset on PDA. After the soft-reset, the "Scanner Wedge" will go away. Follow Step #3 to #5 above to bring up "Scanner Wedge" again.

  6. If "Scanner Wedge" cannot be found, try to do a Soft-Reset on the PDA, and then lookup again.


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