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  1. Use the keypad that comes with Microsoft Pocket PC to type the title you want to search. (To open the Pocket PC keypad, tap on the little "keyboard icon" in the bottom middle of the PDA screen)

  2. Whenever you tap "space", or "enter" on the keypad, your search will be refined.

  3. Follow steps in screen 3.3 and 3.4 below:

  4. In Screen 3.3 below, user types the word "good", and then tap "space". It returns 10+ titles that start with the word "good".

  5. In Screen 3.4 below, user types the word "day", after the word "good" and the empty space, and then tap "enter". Search result is refined to display only titles that start with "good day"

  6. In Screen 3.3, the first record returned is "Goodbye--Willia--1967".
    "Goodbye" is the title of the book. "Willia" is the author. We only return the first 6 characters of author name. "1967" is the publication year

  7. After finding the record that matches the title, author and publication year, click on the record , and the screen will switch to the "Local" view, which display the pricing info.

  8. To switch back from "Local" view back to "Title Search" , minimize the keyboard by clicking the keyboard icon, and then tap on "Title Search"

  9. Here is how to Set up your PDA to use the Title Search

   Screen 3.3    Screen 3.4



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