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You select which audio clip (2) to play for certain scenarios (1). *For quieter operation, you can choose the ‘vibrate’ (3) or ‘no sound’ option from the sound list for any result listed here. Explanation of Audio Indicators Buy: An item is signaled as…

Audio Configuration

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Menu » Audio Configuration

When the PDA scans an item and gets a certain result, an audio cue will play from the PDA’s speakers or headset depending on the user’s preference. These audio cues are a good way to tell quickly whether an item is a good buy and are particularly useful if you are…

Audio and Voice Cue

Source » FBAScan » Operation » Audio and Voice Cue

The app can play an audio clip to tell you if the item is worth to buy or not. It can also tell you the price. This will allow you to use Bluetooth scanner and headset to scan an item, listen to the sound to make the purchase decision without looking at the screen. …


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Operating Modes Main Screen Price from Amazon MWS Displayed in FBAScan Downloading Database Audio and Voice Cue Restricted Item Notification Multiple Listings Title Search


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To open the menu, you can tap the ‘menu’ icon on the top left of the program. Download Operating Mode Buy Items List Lock Screen Data Test Settings Account Basic Triggers Advanced Triggers Pricing Column Order & Color Sales Rank Color Audio Review…


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Figure 15 Listing: Allows you to scan and list with the PDA. Empty Buy File: Let you clear the barcodes saved as buy during scanning. Program Setting: Configure this software. Basic Trigger: Setup pricing offer used, pricing and rank buying criteria in a default…

Lock Screen

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This will lock the screen, so you can put the phone inside your pocket. You use a Bluetooth scanner to scan barcodes, and listen to the audio, voice, or vibrate cue without looking at the screen. To keep the screen bright in lock mode, enable Menu -> Settings ->…

Entering Barcodes

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Entering Barcodes

Using a CF Scanner In order to scan barcode using a CF Scanner, make sure the scanner is inserted into the Compact Flash (CF) slot on the top of the PDA, and then press the “SocketScan” button on your PDA. If you bought the scanner package from us, you can press…

Trigger Configuration

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Figure 14 Trigger Configurations: 1) Enable: Enables/disables this trigger to determine if an item is a buy or reject. 2) Ignore FBA Offer: When checked, this trigger will not consider FBA offers. Only Merchant Fulfilled Prices will be used to select the offer…

Downloading Database

Source » FBAScan » Operation » Downloading Database

If you want to check the items super fast, you need to download the database to your phone (requiring standard or professional plan). This will allow the app to check the price without the Internet and return the information in less than a second. When you use the…

Program Setting Screen

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Menu » Program Setting Screen

The following is an explanation of what each setting does from top to bottom. On Screen Scanner Button: Check marking this button will cause an on-screen scanner button to appear on the touch screen, which will activate the connected laser scanner when pressed.…