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Audio and Voice Cue

Source » FBAScan » Operation » Audio and Voice Cue

The app can play an audio clip to tell you if the item is worth to buy or not. It can also tell you the price. This will allow you to use Bluetooth scanner and headset to scan an item, listen to the sound to make the purchase decision without looking at the screen. …


Source » FBAScan » Menu » Audio

You select which audio clip (2) to play for certain scenarios (1). *For quieter operation, you can choose the ‘vibrate’ (3) or ‘no sound’ option from the sound list for any result listed here. Explanation of Audio Indicators Buy: An item is signaled as…

Voice Entry (Android Only)

Source » FBAScan » Number/Title Entry » Voice Entry (Android Only)

This feature is only available on Android phone. To search for titles via voice, tap the microphone icon.

Audio Configuration

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Menu » Audio Configuration

When the PDA scans an item and gets a certain result, an audio cue will play from the PDA’s speakers or headset depending on the user’s preference. These audio cues are a good way to tell quickly whether an item is a good buy and are particularly useful if you are…

Plan and Trial

Source » Plan and Trial

We offer three plans from $9.95 a month. Each of the plan offers you a free trial to evaluate. Plan Lite Standard Professional Live Search Yes 60 searches / week Yes Database Search No Yes Yes…

Desktop Scanner and Label Printer

List » FBAListing Software » Desktop Scanner and Label Printer

Desktop Scanner We use Symbol LS2208 to scan items into FBAListing. Label Printer (FBA Only) It supports both the DYMO 450 and the Zebra 2844 to print out FNSKU label. Follow the steps below to configure the printer: Click Menu -> Printer Select either Dymo…

Change Both Number of Devices and Plan

Account » Change Both Number of Devices and Plan

If you need to change number of devices from your subscription and also change to a new plan, please follow the following steps. Each device requires its own unique user id. If you add a new device, you need to create a new user id. After you decide which plan you…

Can not create shipment and add items

List » Support » Can not create shipment and add items

Error: CreateNewShipmentAsync  ErrorCode = 0  Msg = Error in Creating New Shipment  MWSError = True  InternalError = Error: You must include a valid ShipmentId with a call to the CreateInboundShipment operation. Get ShipmentId values by calling the…

Error: Can not create shipment and add items

List » Support » Error: Can not create shipment and add items

Error: Can not create shipment and add items Amazon requires seller to create a shipment within 48 hours after the item is assigned to a fulfillment center. After 48 hours you can no longer create a new shipment for the item to that fulfillment center. You can add…

Forget User ID, Password, Account Status and Plan

Account » Forget User ID, Password, Account Status and Plan

If you forget your user ID, password, or check your account status for all your user IDs, please click here. *If you want to check all your accounts, enter the email address you used in the link above.


Source » FBAScan » Operation

Operating Modes Main Screen Price from Amazon MWS Displayed in FBAScan Downloading Database Audio and Voice Cue Restricted Item Notification Multiple Listings Title Search

Lock Screen

Source » FBAScan » Menu » Lock Screen

This will lock the screen, so you can put the phone inside your pocket. You use a Bluetooth scanner to scan barcodes, and listen to the audio, voice, or vibrate cue without looking at the screen. To keep the screen bright in lock mode, enable Menu -> Settings ->…


Source » FBAScan » Menu » Settings

Show Restricted: If the item is restricted to your account, display the restricted message, Display Average Sales Rank: Display the average sales rank over the past six months. This will give you a good indication on how fast the item is selling. It is currently…

Program Setting Screen

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Menu » Program Setting Screen

Figure 33 Figure 34 The following is an explanation of what each setting does from top to bottom. On Screen Scanner Button: Check marking this button will cause an on-screen scanner button to appear on the touch screen, which will activate the connected laser…

Downloading Database

Source » FBAScan » Operation » Downloading Database

If you want to check the items super fast, you need to download the database to your phone (requiring standard or professional plan). This will allow the app to check the price without the Internet and return the information in less than a second. When you use…


Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Menu

Figure 15 Listing: Allows you to scan and list with the PDA. Empty Buy File: Let you clear the barcodes saved as buy during scanning. Program Setting: Configure this software. Basic Trigger: Setup pricing offer used, pricing and rank buying criteria in a default…

Number/Title Entry

Source » FBAScan » Number/Title Entry

You can enter ISBN/UPC numbers with an external barcode scanner, camera, or the numpad. You can also enter a title or ASIN with the standard keyboard. Bluetooth Barcode Scanner (Highly Recommended!) Camera Voice Entry Numpad Standard…

Entering Barcodes

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Entering Barcodes

Using a CF Scanner In order to scan barcode using a CF Scanner, make sure the scanner is inserted into the Compact Flash (CF) slot on the top of the PDA, and then press the “SocketScan” button on your PDA. If you bought the scanner package from us, you can press…

Trigger Configuration

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Menu » Advanced Trigger » Trigger Configuration

Figure 14 Trigger Configurations: 1) Enable: Enables/disables this trigger to determine if an item is a buy or reject. 2) Ignore FBA Offer: When checked, this trigger will not consider FBA offers. Only Merchant Fulfilled Prices will be used to select the offer…


Source » FBAScan for Android » Menu

To open the menu, you can tap the ‘menu’ icon on the top left of the program. Download Operating Mode Buy Items List Lock Screen Data Test Settings Account Basic Triggers Advanced Triggers Pricing Column Order & Color Sales Rank Color Audio Review…


Source » FBAScan » Install

Android Search FBAScan from Google Play store, tap install and open it. Video is here. iPhone Search FBAScan from App store, download and open it.

Update an Existing Card on PayPal

Account » Update an Existing Card on PayPal

Update a card Log in to your PayPal account. Click the Profile icon beside “Log Out” and select Profile and settings. Click My money. Click Update next to the card in the Debit and credit cards section. Click Edit or Update Expiration Date under…

Upgrade Dell X51/X51V PDA to Rom A12

Support » PDA Support » Upgrade Dell X51/X51V PDA to Rom A12

Backup all personal data from your PDA, as this will wipe out all your data. Get a 1GB or 2GB SD card (4GB or above SDHC Card does not work), insert to a computer, right click it and choose to format the SD card into FAT32 According to your PDA model,…



You can use our listing software to quickly list your items to Amazon, create FBA shipments and print box content. FBAListing is our new listing software and it is currently on beta. Batch Listing is our legacy listing software and we no longer provide support. …

Remote Desktop Support

Support » PDA Support » Remote Desktop Support

If you have issues with our desktop software like PC Downloader, Mac downloader, FBAListing or other software, it is best to allow us to remote to your desktop to troubleshoot. Please follow the steps below and we have a video to show you how to run and install. We…

Mac Downloader for Android

Support » PC Downloader » » Mac Downloader for Android

!Unfortunately, there is no automated program on the Mac like PC Downloader, which can download and transfer the database files to your Android phone automatically. It is strongly suggested that, if you cannot download the database through WiFi, customers with access…

MWS Limitations on FBA/Used/New Price Display for Database Search

Source » MWS Limitations on FBA/Used/New Price Display for Database Search

Issue: Database search is missing some FBA offers or used/new prices are not continuous (missing one or more prices in between) Explanation: Amazon MWS program sorts the lowest 20 used and new prices into different groups based on the condition, seller rating and…

How Listing Works

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Menu » Listing with PDA » How Listing Works

Step 1: Print out the Command Barcodes from PDA Listing Command Barcodes and the Special Comment Barcode sheet generated from Listing Tool program. This will allow you to scan them to set condition, fulfillment channel, descriptions to the listed item. Step 2: Export…

Tap FBA/Used/New Header, Amazon Page is Not Loading

Support » FBAScan Support » Tap FBA/Used/New Header, Amazon Page is Not Loading

Issue After scanning an item, I used to be able to select the column heading “FBA”, “New” and “Used” and you would display live additional details. Now no details are shown, just a close button with blank screen. Please see video…

Link Your Card on PayPal

Account » Link Your Card on PayPal

You can link your credit card, debit/bank card or bank account on PayPal. They are called funding source. When you sign up for our service, you pick one funding source and Paypal will charge this funding source periodically to pay for the subscription. Link a new…

Socket 8Ci

Support » FBAScan Support » Setting Up Bluetooth Scanners » Socket 8Ci

Please follow this video learn how to connect your Socket 8Ci scanner to your phone. If your scanner was connected to other phone before, you need to disconnect the scanner from that phone by turning off the bluetooth on the phone, then scan the factory reset barcode.…

Update PayPal Funding Source for Subscription(Subscription Payment Failed)

Account » Update PayPal Funding Source for Subscription(Subscription Payment Failed)

Issue: You received an email from PayPal stating “Subscription Payment Failed” Solution: Update your PayPal funding source for this subscription with your current credit card, bank account or PayPal balance. Login to PayPal and click More. …

Lowest Price in Offer Group

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Pricing Display » Lowest Price in Offer Group

For each item, Amazon will get 20 lowest prices in both used and new condition, then sort them into different groups based on condition, fulfillment channel (FBA or merchant), and seller rating. Amazon will then return only the lowest price from each group back to our…

What’s New?

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » What’s New?

Changes in 9.6 The Data Download option, which allows downloading directly to the PDA, has been replaced by faster, more reliable download options with PC Downloader or Web Download. Please see The new categories…



ASellerTool Inc. provides scourcing, listing and repricing solutions to Amazon sellers. Our plan starts from $9.95 a month and offer 30 days free trial to new users. *We have a great referral program, so you can earn money when you refer other sellers to use our…

Tips Screen

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Select Menu » Tips Screen

The Tips screen shows useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of the PDA software. It is set to come up automatically on start-up, and can also be accessed through the Select menu. Figure 28 Figure 29 The Tips screen will display the version number of the…

Downloading to the PDA (Slower Method)

Support » PC Downloader » Using PC Downloader for PDA » PC Downloader Operation » Downloading to the PDA (Slower Method)

*This method is only recommended for users that have older model Compact Flash scanners with flexible backs that can become defective with frequent removal. Users should download directly to the SD if possible, for the fastest and smoothest experience. Downloading to…

Opticon OPN-2006 or Scanfob 2006

Support » FBAScan Support » Setting Up Bluetooth Scanners » Opticon OPN-2006 or Scanfob 2006

From your phone, go to Settings -> Bluetooth, then disable Bluetooth on your phone. This will make sure the scanner is Not connected to the phone during the factory reset or configuration of the scanner. Turn on your scanner, print the HID barcode below and scan…

PDA Sourcing Software

Source » PDA Sourcing Software

The PDA Sourcing Software (Version 10.2) can be used with Windows Mobile 5 and 6.1 devices, such as the Dell Axim X51. PDAs and PDA packages can be found on our Package page. *Our current scouting app is called FBAScan for Android and iPhone. We recommend you to move…


List » FBAListing Software » Installation

This software requires you to have a Windows 7 or above computer. It can not run on a Windows XP or Mac OS. You can install Windows on your Mac by using Parallel or Vmware. It is currently in Beta, so if you find any issues, please let us know, so we can improve…

Create a New or Resume Subscription

Account » Create a New or Resume Subscription

*Free Trial: If you are a new user, we will give you 100 live searches to try out the lite plan. If you sign up for a standard or professional plan, we will.refund your first month’s payment in 7 business days, so you can try standard or professional plan free…


Support » Installation

Issue: Setup has detected that the publisher of file cannot be verified. Click OK to retry the download, or Cancel to exit setup. Solution: You are using Windows Vista. FBAListing program only run on Windows 7 and above.

CT 20/30

Source » Support » Setting Up Bluetooth Scanners » CT 20/30

Step 1: Scan the two barcodes below to factory reset your scanner. Step 2: Scan the next three barcodes to place the scanner in Android connection mode. Step 3: Press and hold down the scanner’s power button to turn off, and then press and hold the power…

IO Exception (IOException)

Support » PDA Support » IO Exception (IOException)

When you scan a book and the program reads IO Exception. It means either your SD card is defective or you did not download database properly. To troubleshoot, please follow the steps below: If you follow our Multiple SD cards recommendations, you can immediately…

Pay with Credit Card instead of PayPal

Account » Pay with Credit Card instead of PayPal

If you do not want to sign up a subscription or pay a package with PayPal, we can send you an invoice, so you can pay with credit card. Here is a video to show you how to do it. You let us know what you need a package or a subscription. If it is a subscription, we…

Remote Support for Android

Source » FBAScan for Android » Remote Support for Android

We recommend you to install TeamViewer QuickSupport app on your phone before contacting us to troubleshoot technical issues. Video is here. Please follow the steps below: Go to the Google Play Store and search for TeamViewer QuickSupport. Install it on your…

Camera (Not Recommended)

Source » FBAScan » Number/Title Entry » Camera (Not Recommended)

You can tap the barcode symbol, or shake the phone (enable in Menu -> Settings -> Shake to Open Camera) to launch the phone’s camera to capture a barcode. The camera is much slower compared to using a scanner and use a lot of battery power. iPhone You need…


Support » PC Downloader » Using PC Downloader for PDA » Troubleshooting

*If you need to contact us for any help, please check go to Download Failed: Cannot Connect to host Verify your computer has an active internet connection by going to a popular website, like . If you can get…

How It Works

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Menu » Basic Trigger » How It Works

The program will start by comparing the selected offer price and the item’s sales rank, shown in Figure 7 at Configure Basic Trigger. When an item is scanned, the program will select an offer price, based, in this order, on whether to ignore FBA Offers, to target…

SerialMagic Gears for Scanfob

Source » Support » Setting Up Bluetooth Scanners » SerialMagic Gears for Scanfob

If you have a Scanfob scanner from SerialIO, you can connect the scanner to the phone with Serial Magic Gears. To connect: Print out the SPP Quickstart Guide from Install and then open Serial Magic Gears on your phone. Hold down the…