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Source » FBAScan » Install

Android Search FBAScan from Google Play store, tap install and open it. Video is here. iPhone Search FBAScan from App store, download and open it.

Install WinRar to Unzip Files

Support » Install WinRar to Unzip Files

We recommend you use WinRar program to unzip the zip files you download from this manual. You can download WinRar here.

Install Cab File on your PDA

Support » PDA Support » Install Cab File on your PDA

Issue You need to install .Net Compact Framework to your PDA. Solution Download .Net Compact Framework cab file here. Copy the cab file to your SD card, and insert SD card to your PDA. From the PDA, install the cab file to your PDA by following this…


Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Installation

Cloning Clone X51 with Socket Bluetooth Scanner Manual Install


List » FBAListing Software » Installation

This software requires you to have a Windows 7 or above computer. It can not run on a Windows XP or Mac OS. You can install Windows on your Mac by using Parallel or Vmware. It is currently in Beta, so if you find any issues, please let us know, so we can improve…

Remote Support for Android

Source » FBAScan for Android » Remote Support for Android

We recommend you to install TeamViewer QuickSupport app on your phone before contacting us to troubleshoot technical issues. Video is here. Please follow the steps below: Go to the Google Play Store and search for TeamViewer QuickSupport. Install it on your…


Support » PDA Support » SDHC Card

Dell Axim X51/X51V PDA does not officially support SD card larger than 2GB. They are called SDHC card. We found a software that allows your PDA to read SDHC card. Since this software is not officially supported by Dell, please use it at your own risk. Video to…

Remote Desktop Support

Support » PDA Support » Remote Desktop Support

If you have issues with our desktop software like PC Downloader, Mac downloader, FBAListing or other software, it is best to allow us to remote to your desktop to troubleshoot. Please follow the steps below and we have a video to show you how to run and install. We…

Installing PC Dowloader

Source » PC Downloader » Installing PC Dowloader

Quick Installation Here is a video to show you how to download and install PC downloader. Download Extract the zip file on your computer. Run the Installer inside the opened .zip file. Keep clicking…



ASellerTool Inc. provides scourcing, listing and repricing solutions to Amazon sellers. Our plan starts from $9.95 a month and offer 30 days free trial to new users. *We have a great referral program, so you can earn money when you refer other sellers to use our…

Mac Downloader for Android

Support » PC Downloader » » Mac Downloader for Android

!Unfortunately, there is no automated program on the Mac like PC Downloader, which can download and transfer the database files to your Android phone automatically. It is strongly suggested that, if you cannot download the database through WiFi, customers with access…

Connect Socket Bluetooth Scanner 7Ci with Dell X51 PDA

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Installation » Connect Socket Bluetooth Scanner 7Ci with Dell X51 PDA

*Instructions below is for connecting Socket 7Ci Scanner to Dell X51 PDA. If you are using other Socket Bluetooth scanner, you need to find the manual with correct corresponding command barcode. Follow the cloning topic to install the clone for Bluetooth scanner on…

Move to Another PDA

Support » PDA Support » Move to Another PDA

If you current PDA is defective and you want to use another PDA, please follow the instructions below: Install our software on your new PDA. The best way to do that is to clone your PDA with our clone software if your PDA is Dell Axim X51 or X51V. Setup all the SD…

Contact Us

Contact Us

Business Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 3 PM PST. *Before contacting us, you can quickly find the answer to most questions by checking the FAQ or searching this user manual . FAQ Create new or resume a subscription Cancel a subscription Use a New…

Move Account to Another Phone (Has a New Phone)

Account » Move Account to Another Phone (Has a New Phone)

You cannot use the same user ID on two devices at the same time. Our system allows you to move your account to another phone or PDA under certain conditions. Please follow the instructions below to see if you can transfer your account to your new device…


List » FBAListing Software » Settings

After program starts, click Menu -> Settings to bring up Settings screen. A: AST user ID and password: Use the user ID and password when you sync with ASellerTool your MWS account. B: Amazon seller ID: If you are a US seller, use ATVPDKIKX0DER as Marketplace ID. …

Setting up your Android Smartphone

Support » PC Downloader » » Setting up your Android Smartphone

Perquisites In order to use the PC Downloader, customers must have a computer running a Windows Operating system, using Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. Customers using Mac computers should follow our instructions at Mac Downloader for Android. Android devices will…

SerialMagic Gears for Scanfob

Source » Support » Setting Up Bluetooth Scanners » SerialMagic Gears for Scanfob

If you have a Scanfob scanner from SerialIO, you can connect the scanner to the phone with Serial Magic Gears. To connect: Print out the SPP Quickstart Guide from Install and then open Serial Magic Gears on your phone. Hold down the…

Entering Barcodes

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Entering Barcodes

Using a CF Scanner In order to scan barcode using a CF Scanner, make sure the scanner is inserted into the Compact Flash (CF) slot on the top of the PDA, and then press the “SocketScan” button on your PDA. If you bought the scanner package from us, you can press…

Setting up your New SD Card or Old Card from Another PDA

Source » PC Downloader » Using PC Downloader for PDA » Setting up your New SD Card or Old Card from Another PDA

*Please make sure your SD card size is 2 GB. If your SD card is larger than 2GB, it is called SDHC card and you need to install this software on your PDA before your PDA can read the SDHC card. 1GB or less SD card is not large enough to hold database. You need to…

Important: FBAScan Version 7 returns Total/Landed Price (List + Shipping Cost)

Source » Important: FBAScan Version 7 returns Total/Landed Price (List + Shipping Cost)

Critical Amazon Game Changing Policy and ASellerTool Scouting Programs Now Return LANDED Price. Background: Shipping cost for merchant-fulfilled (Non-FBA) items were used to be a fixed $3.99. For example, an item with $4 list price and $3.99 shipping will have the…

Cloning (X51/X51V Only)

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Installation » Cloning (X51/X51V Only)

The easiest way to install our software is to use “SD Card Cloning” method. This will set up a Dell X51/X51v PDA with all the needed software and correct settings for the best use. !This method will completely erase any other information or programs stored…


Support » PC Downloader » Using PC Downloader for PDA » Troubleshooting

*If you need to contact us for any help, please check go to Download Failed: Cannot Connect to host Verify your computer has an active internet connection by going to a popular website, like . If you can get…