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Source » FBAScan » Number/Title Entry » Numpad

If an item does not have a barcode to scan, you can tap inside Enter Number to open the numpad. If the number ends with the letter X, you can skip it.

Number/Title Entry

Source » FBAScan » Number/Title Entry

You can enter ISBN/UPC numbers with an external barcode scanner, camera, or the numpad. You can also enter a title or ASIN with the standard keyboard. Bluetooth Barcode Scanner (Strongly Recommended) Camera (Not Recommended) Voice Entry Numpad Standard…

Standard Keyboard

Source » FBAScan » Number/Title Entry » Standard Keyboard

To enter a title or ASIN, you tap Abc button on the numpad to open the standard keypad. *If you use a Bluetooth scanner, you need to disconnect the scanner (turn off Bluetooth on your phone), before you can use the standard keyboard. Some scanners allow you to…

Title Search

Source » FBAScan » Operation » Title Search

The app allows you to either say or type a title. Android only: To say a title, tap the microphone icon (1). To type a title, you tap the Enter Number box (1), then tap Abc button (2) on the numpad, Type the title in the standard keyboard and tap Search button…

Listing Screen

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Menu » Listing with PDA » Listing Screen

Figure 23 Comment Box: This shows what comments are currently applied for a selected item, as well as the fulfillment channel, condition, and any special commands that have been enabled. Barcode Entry Bar: This is where you scan item’s barcodes, customized…

Entering Barcodes

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Entering Barcodes

Using a CF Scanner In order to scan barcode using a CF Scanner, make sure the scanner is inserted into the Compact Flash (CF) slot on the top of the PDA, and then press the “SocketScan” button on your PDA. If you bought the scanner package from us, you can press…

Main Screen

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Main Screen

Figure 3 1. The current number entered. 2. Shows a shortened title for the current item, and its category. 3. Condition for used offers and number of offers in this group: Letters are used to indicate the condition L = Like New V = Very Good G = Good A =…

Title Search

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Select Menu » Title Search

For old books that do not have ISBN barcode, you can perform title search by tapping Select ->Title. *Please make sure you have already downloaded data with the title search information included before using Title Search. Figure 17 Figure 18 Tap the keyboard symbol…

Program Setting Screen

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Menu » Program Setting Screen

The following is an explanation of what each setting does from top to bottom. On Screen Scanner Button: Check marking this button will cause an on-screen scanner button to appear on the touch screen, which will activate the connected laser scanner when pressed.…