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Tips Screen

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Select Menu » Tips Screen

The Tips screen shows useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of the PDA software. It is set to come up automatically on start-up, and can also be accessed through the Select menu. Figure 28 Figure 29 The Tips screen will display the version number of the…

Alternative Screen(s): Bird View

Source » FBAScan » Operation » Alternative Screen(s): Bird View

FBAScan offers three screens to help you interpret an item’s information in addition to the Main Screen. Bird View (Screen 2) Navigate to this screen by either swiping to the left or tapping the number 2 on the bottom of the screen. You will see the Lowest…

Main Screen

Source » FBAScan » Operation » Main Screen

A: Menu settings. B: Current Operating Mode. Switch between Operating Modes by going to Menu -> Operating Modes. C: Current Number Entered. You can tap here to enter a number manually or use the “ABC” keyboard for Title Searches. D: Voice Search.…