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Review App

Source » FBAScan » Menu » Review App

Before you leave a negative review, please contact us so we can get a chance to help you to resolve any issues. If you are satisfied with this app, please leave a positive review to encourage us to deliver even better app in the future.

Scanner Does Not Scan Barcode to the FBAScan App

Support » FBAScan Support » Setting Up Bluetooth Scanners » Scanner Does Not Scan Barcode to the FBAScan App

If you connect the scanner to the phone by HID mode, the scanner will act as a keyboard to the phone. When it scans a barcode, it will send the barcode to the currently active program just as you are typing a number with the phone’s keyboard. To verify your…


Source » FBAScan » Menu

To open the menu, you can tap the ‘menu’ icon on the top left of the program. Download Operating Mode Profit Triggers Buy Items List Lock Screen Data Test Settings Account Basic Triggers Advanced Triggers Pricing Column Order & Color Sales Rank…


Source » FBAScan » Install

Android Search FBAScan from Google Play store, tap install and open it. Video is here. iPhone Search FBAScan from App store, download and open it.

Quick Start Document for X51

Support » PDA Support » Quick Start Document for X51

Please review these documents below to learn how to use our Dell X51 PDA scanner package. Get started Best practice Read before your first download Socket scanner

Multiple Listings

Source » FBAScan » Operation » Multiple Listings

An UPC number can have multiple listings on Database search: The app can only show one listing. Live search: The app is able to show the multiple listings for the same UPC number. Non media items have higher chance to have multiple listings, We…

Trip Summary Page

Source » FBAScan » Operation » Trip Summary Page

Click on the icon to access the Trip Summary Page. Just like an odometer, your total summary will increase and display your overall profit, items, buy, and rates. *You can reset your Total Summary by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.


Source » FBAScan » Dashboard

Overview of the Dashboard *If you’d like the dashboard not to appear each time the app opens, tap “Do not show again.” How to navigate to the Dashboard Icon from the Scout Screen

Basic Triggers

Source » FBAScan » Menu » Basic Triggers

The app uses triggers to signal whether the item is a ‘Buy’ or a ‘Reject’. It will play a sound and display a message based on the result. Configure Basic Triggers Tap a category (1) to edit basic triggers for this category. *The Reset button (2) on the…

PDA Sourcing Software

Source » PDA Sourcing Software

The PDA Sourcing Software (Version 10.2) can be used with Windows Mobile 5 and 6.1 devices, such as the Dell Axim X51. PDAs and PDA packages can be found on our Package page. *Our current scouting app is called FBAScan for Android and iPhone. We recommend you to move…

How to Check If an Item is Restricted

Support » FBAScan Support » How to Check If an Item is Restricted

Two possible ways to check if an item is restricted: 1) Tap on “Amazon Icon” on Main Screen Tap the Amazon Icon located on the bottom right hand side of the main screen. You will be directed to your Amazon Seller page to list the item. If you receive a…

Enable Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone

Support » FBAScan Support » Enable Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone

FBAScan says “Wrong License” when you do database search Solution: You need to enable Limit Ad Tracking on your iPhone Launch Settings app on your iPhone, tap on Privacy. Scroll down and tap on Advertising. Enable the switch for Limit Ad…

Advanced Triggers

Source » FBAScan » Menu » Advanced Triggers

Advanced Triggers allow experienced sellers to have more customization to set up a trigger. Create a New Trigger: Tap Add (1) to add a new trigger Check Enable (4) to let app use this trigger to evaluate if the item is a buy or not. If you check Ignore FBA…

Deeply discounted 5 Years or life-time license for ASellerTool FBAScan scouting service

Account » Deeply discounted 5 Years or life-time license for ASellerTool FBAScan scouting service

*This is a great value for the best scouting service in the market. Just make the one-time payment with part of your first month’s profit (We offer a free trial for the first month) from your selling business, and you can use the scouting service with no more…

Profit Trigger

Source » FBAScan » Menu » Profit Trigger

Profit trigger is the latest trigger in this app to help the seller to find whether the item is a ‘Buy’ or a ‘Reject’ based on profit and important factors such as Sales Count, Rank, Number of Offers, FBA, Used, New, Amazon, Buy box Price. It will play a…

Trouble Shooting Scanner Issues

Support » FBAScan Support » Setting Up Bluetooth Scanners » Trouble Shooting Scanner Issues

KDC 200/200i possible solution: “I figured out what was the problem. After the update to support typing when paired with a scanner, the issue arose. I am using very popular 3rd party keyboard app, SwiftKey and it was causing complication. The fix the issue, I…


Source » FBAScan » Menu » Settings

Use Profit Trigger: The app will only use the Profit Triggers if this setting is selected. To learn more about Profit Triggers click here Display Average Sales Rank: Display the average sales rank over the past six months. This will give you a good indication on how…

Batch Workflow

Amazon Listing Software with FBA Support » FBAListing Software (Beta) » Batch Workflow

This program allows you to upload a list of barcodes in a text file. You can either scan barcodes into a text file or email buy file or history file from the FBAScan app on smartphone. Videos MF Batch Work Flow Please follow the steps to upload the list of…

Title Search

Source » FBAScan » Operation » Title Search

The app allows you to either say or type a title. Android only: To say a title, tap the microphone icon (1). To type a title, you tap the Enter Number box (1), then tap Abc button (2) on the numpad, Type the title in the standard keyboard and tap Search button…


Source » Overview

Retail Arbitrage You can find valuable items from library, thrift store, yard sale, store liquidation and resell them on Amazon or eBay at higher price for a profit. This is called Retail Arbitrage. Scouting App We provide a solution to allow you to download…


Source » FBAScan

FBAScan is a scouting app running on your iPhone or Android phone. It allows you to to check any item’s Amazon landed price information from an offline database. This offline database search does not require an Internet connection, so you can check an item in less…

Sales Rank Does Not Match

Source » FAQ » Sales Rank Does Not Match

Amazon uses sales rank to indicate how fast an item is selling. Sales rank is always changing. Amazon can update an item’s sales rank every several minutes. Our database or live search can only capture the sales rank at the moment when getting the…

MWS Limitations on FBA/Used/New Price Display for Database Search

Source » MWS Limitations on FBA/Used/New Price Display for Database Search

Issue: Database search is missing some FBA offers or used/new prices are not continuous (missing one or more prices in between) Explanation: Amazon MWS program sorts the lowest 20 used and new prices into different groups based on the condition, seller rating and…

Audio and Voice Cue

Source » FBAScan » Operation » Audio and Voice Cue

The app can play an audio clip to tell you if the item is worth to buy or not. It can also tell you the price. This will allow you to use Bluetooth scanner and headset to scan an item, listen to the sound to make the purchase decision without looking at the screen. …

Scanner Won’t Automatically Scan

Support » FBAScan Support » Setting Up Bluetooth Scanners » Scanner Won’t Automatically Scan

Issue: When I use the socket mobile scanner, it scans the number, but you have to press search every time you scan an item. Solution: Your scanner is not adding an ‘Enter” or “Carriage Return” key to the end of your scanned data (basically…

Pay with Credit Card instead of PayPal

Account » Pay with Credit Card instead of PayPal

If you do not want to sign up a subscription or pay a package with PayPal, we can send you an invoice, so you can pay with credit card. Here is a video to show you how to do it. Let us know whether you need a package or a subscription. If it is a subscription, we…

Refund Policy

Account » Refund Policy

Service Refund Similar to other online services (Netflix), we do not offer pro refund after you sign up and cancel. Please make sure that you will use our service for a long term before you sign up for 12 months subscription to receive the discount. A refund is not…

Feed Screen

Amazon Listing Software with FBA Support » TurboLister (Beta) » Feed Screen

After you create a shipment (FBA) or submit feed to Amazon (MF), you need to check the feed status (1) in Feed screen. You can click ‘Link’ (2) to view the feed file submitted to Amazon. If the feed status is failed, then you need to click on it (1) to…

Move Account to Another Phone (Has a New Phone)

Account » Move Account to Another Phone (Has a New Phone)

You cannot use the same user ID on two devices at the same time. Our system allows you to move your account to another phone or PDA under certain conditions. Please follow the instructions below to see if you can transfer your account to your new device…

Setting up your Android Smartphone

Support » PC Downloader » » Setting up your Android Smartphone

Perquisites In order to use the PC Downloader, customers must have a computer running a Windows Operating system, using Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. Customers using Mac computers should follow our instructions at Mac Downloader for Android. Android devices will…

SerialMagic Gears for Scanfob

Source » Support » Setting Up Bluetooth Scanners » SerialMagic Gears for Scanfob

If you have a Scanfob scanner from SerialIO, you can connect the scanner to the phone with Serial Magic Gears. To connect: Print out the SPP Quickstart Guide from Install and then open Serial Magic Gears on your phone. Hold down the…



ASellerTool Inc. provides Sourcing, Listing and Online Arbitrage solutions to Amazon sellers. Our plan starts from $9.95 a month and offers 30-day free trial to new users. *Success story: One of our users sourced thousands of books and shipped hundreds of boxes to…

Creating New Trigger

Source » PDA Sourcing Software » Menu » Advanced Trigger » Creating New Trigger

Step 1: Choose Category. Tap ‘Menu’, then ‘Advanced Trigger’ (Figure 9 at Configure Basic Trigger), and then tap a category (Figure 12) Figure 12 You can tap the ‘Back’ button (

Trigger Results

Source » FBAScan » Operation » Trigger Results

You can tap on the BUY/REJECT to review the trigger results of the item How to read Trigger Results 1. The type of trigger (A) and category used is identified, followed by the item’s list of offers (B) in FBA, Used and New column pricing display, including…

Important: FBAScan Version 7 returns Total/Landed Price (List + Shipping Cost)

Source » Important: FBAScan Version 7 returns Total/Landed Price (List + Shipping Cost)

Critical Amazon Game Changing Policy and ASellerTool Scouting Programs Now Return LANDED Price. Background: Shipping cost for merchant-fulfilled (Non-FBA) items were used to be a fixed $3.99. For example, an item with $4 list price and $3.99 shipping will have the…

Downloading Database

Source » FBAScan » Operation » Downloading Database

If you want to check the items super fast, you need to download the database to your phone (requiring standard or professional plan). This will allow the app to check the price without the Internet and return the information in less than a second. When you use the…

Operating Modes

Source » FBAScan » Operation » Operating Modes

FBAScan supports 4 operating modes to scan items. DB: (Database Only) The program will only search from the local database on the phone. No Internet is required, so the result is returned instantly. If you sign up for the standard plan, please use this mode. For…

FBAScan Error Code

Support » FBAScan Support » FBAScan Error Code

Error Code Message Location Solution 2 Please enter account info at Menu -> Account Tap Menu->Account and enter user ID and password. Verify your account info here 3 [Your-user-ID] does not exist …

Main Screen

Source » FBAScan » Operation » Main Screen

A: Menu settings. B: Current Operating Mode. Switch between Operating Modes by going to Menu -> Operating Modes. C: Current Number Entered. You can tap here to enter a number manually or use the “ABC” keyboard for Title Searches. D: Voice Search.…