Show Restricted: Display ‘Restricted’ message (I in Figure 3-1 at the Main Screen) if an item is restricted to your Amazon account.

Display AVG Sales Rank: Display the average sales rank over the past six months. This will give you a better indication on the popularity of this item.

Disable Sound: The program will not play any sound.

Auto Show FBA Offers Page: Bring up the FBA offers page for a listing automatically after each scan. The program will automatically do a live search for a listing if it needs to pull up its ASIN.

Adv + Basic Triggers: Use both Basic and Advanced triggers when deciding if an item is a ‘Buy’. Advanced triggers will be checked first before Basic triggers.

Show Item Condition: Display the condition next to the price: N (New), L (Like new), V (Very good), G (Good) or A (Average).

Show Number of Offers: Display the number of offers in a group next to the price.

Auto Add to Buy List: If enabled, Buy items will automatically be added to the Buy Items List, while Rejected items can be added manually. If disabled, items will have to be added manually.

Fast Open FBA and CCC: Load the CamelCamelCamel and Amazon FBA offers web pages in the background to make them faster to open.

Bright Screen in Lock: Keep the screen bright when you lock the screen.

Landed Price(List + Ship): Display the ‘Landed Price’ (list price + shipping cost) for non-FBA offers and the list price for FBA offers.

Hidden Mode: Hide the pricing information from the screen.

Enable Triggers: Displays buy, reject, or other message (A in Figure 3-1 at the Main Screen) on screen, for better visual indication.

Display Rank Color: Display a background color based the current sales rank number (Sales Rank Color).

Letter for Condition: If this is enabled, the condition symbols will be replaced with letters.

Use Camera: Enabling this will show the ‘Camera Capture’ button on the top right hand side of the Main Screen.

Shake to Open Camera: Shake the phone to open the camera to capture the barcode.

Mobile Listing: Display ‘Mobile Listing’ icon . You tap it to list on Amazon.

Use Internal Browser: Use the internal web browser to open Amazon or other site’s web pages. If it is not working on your phone, uncheck this option to use the external browser.

Voice Prompt:

Voice Prompt Only: Plays only the voice cue, not the audio cue.

Voice Prompt for Title: Include the title in the voice cue.

Voice Prompt for Lowest of All: Include the lowest price in the voice cue. If the program is displaying the list price, the FBA price will deduct shipping costs before comparing against non-FBA prices. If the FBA price is the lowest price, the program will speak the price after deducting shipping costs from the FBA price.

Voice Prompt for Lowest FBA: Include lowest FBA price in the voice cue.

Voice Prompt for Lowest New: Include the lowest new price in the voice cue.

Voice Prompt for Sales Rank: Include the Sales Rank in the voice cue.

Linea Pro Scanner Sound:

Enable Sound: A Linea Pro scanner will play a sound after scanning an item.


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