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ASellerTool Real Time Scouting Service with Cell Phone or PDA Phone
How it Works
You enter the ISBN or UPC into your cell phone Internet browser , it returns you the real time pricing, ranking and other detailed information from Amazon marketplace.

It is fast and very easy. It works with nearly all regular cell phone or PDA smart phone. It supports searching for books, VHS, DVD, music CD, software, video games, toys and board games.
Service Availability
We no longer offer cell phone scouting as a separate $6 subscription to new customers. Our real-time cell phone scouting will be offered as "free add-on" to our active PDA scouting subscribers. Check out our PDA Scouting
Highly Reliable Scouting Service
All our customers enjoy the reliability of ASellerTool scouting service with our redundant hosting facilities. We maintain two separate servers in two different locations to ensure 24 X 7 availability.
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Fast scouting service, get Amazon price info in 1 to 2 seconds



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