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Listing Tool with FBA Support for Amazon Sellers –

Listing Tool with FBA Support for Amazon Sellers:

The Listing Tool allows you to batch list hundreds of items all at once with a few mouse clicks. It also supports FBA shipment management and label printing. Combine it with our PDA software, and you can use a PDA scanner to scan and list items all without carrying them to your computer.

MWS Registration

Listing Tool users must go through the process of registering Amazon MWS with ASellertool. The process is very simple and takes no more than 2 minutes. Click here to start.

  • Easy to Use:
    The Asellertool Listing Tool is very intuitive and easy to use. Our in depth tutorial provides step by step instructions with screenshots to show how to use the software and We also provide free technical support to help with any other questions or concerns.
  • FBA Shipment Management and Label Printing:
    The Asellertool Listing Tool allows for easy listing of items to your Amazon Merchant account and fully supports Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) items. You can assign items to new FBA shipments, combine them or mark shipments as complete or cancelled all within the program itself. The Listing Tool print features are completely redesigned allowing users to scan and print FBA (FNSKU) labels one at a time or all at once simply and quickly with a DYMO 450 printer.
  • Fully Customizable:
    You can apply predefined descriptions with a single mouse click. Shipping options will be automatically set based on item's weight and your configuration. Customized descriptions will also appear when certain conditions, FBA and shipping options are set.
  • Fast Item Check:
    The new version of our listing tool allows for item look up using our own Amazon database server (the same server you download the scouting database for PDA service or FBAscan) or through Amazon itself. When checking from the the database, an item's information including item picture and weight are returned faster than through Amazon's website and retrieves the same information which is great if listing hundreds of items in a single session.
  • Use a PDA Scanner to List without Carrying Items:
    You can use a PDA scanner to scan item barcodes, set item condition, fulfillment channel and descriptions then upload those settings to our listing program to make listing even faster. Connecting your pda to your PC is no longer required so you can scan books in a different room and list them in another. There is no need to have items cluttering your workspace any longer.

Download and Tutorial