Tutorial for installing and using FBAScan
Smartphone Requirements

Data Plan Required for your Android smartphone

Customers should note that, unlike our PDA software, this program requires an Internet connection to conduct a real-time lookup on the item. Please contact your cellular service provider to sign-up Internet data plan if you do not already have one for your smartphone.

Downloading FBAScan from Play Store (Recommended) (formerly Android Market)

You can download & install FBAScan directly from the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) like you do for any other Android application. Simply (1) Access "Play Store" from your Android smartphone, (2) Inside the textbox for searching, type "FBAScan" and click the search icon, (3) Download the "FBAScan" program made by ASellertool, and go through the same installation as other Android applications

After installation is completed, return to the Play Store. Press the Menu button (usually the button on bottom left) on your Smartphone, select the 'My Apps' button. Scroll down until you see "FBAScan" on the menu. Tap on "FBAScan" to access the detail page about the App. Inside the page, check the checkbox for "Allow automatic updating". This will ensure that the FBAScan program will automatically be updated with latest version.

Then jump to how to use FBAScan

If you are not able to complete the steps above, then download FBAScan from ASellertool web site

Downloading FBAScan from ASellertool web site (Optional)

NOTE: Try to download FBAScan from the Google Play Store first, to ensure auto-update of new version in future.

Allowing your phone to use applications from unknown sources

To allow installing FBAScan downloaded from the ASellertool web site, you will first need to change your phone's settings to allow applications from unknown sources to be installed on your phone.


Downloading and installing FBAScan

URL:   http://www.asellertool.com/android/fbascan.apk


After entering the URL into the browser on smartphone, you will see a message shown at the bottom of the screen, indicating that a file is downloading. You’ll also see an arrow in the Notification Bar.

If you pull the Notification bar down, you will see the progress of the download itself; once the download finishes, the notification bar will state such.

Once the installer starts, please follow the steps below.


Congratulations! FBAScan has been successfully installed on your phone.

Using FBAScan

MWS Activation

Recent changes to Amazon's services require that anyone using this program both add this program to their Marketplace Web Services (MWS), and register their MWS Merchant ID with Amazon. Instructions on how to accomplish this can be found at our Merchant ID Activation webpage. This does require you to be an Amazon Pro Merchant Account subscriber. If you are not an Amazon Pro Merchant, and would still like to use this product, please contact us, and we can look at alternative methods.

Starting FBAScan

Once the program has been installed, you can open it like a normal Android application, either from an icon you’ll place on one of your Home screens, or from the Application Launcher itself.

The FBAScan Main Window

Remember: in terms of pricing, currently, anything that doesn’t show as a full price (i.e. 5.4 or 5) indicates that the digits below the decimal place are zero (i.e., 5.4 equals 5.40, and 5 equals 5.00). When you wish to manually enter a barcode into the program, you’ll press the NUM button shown above. It will bring you to this screen:

If you are running version 1.1.1 or above, you can also use your smartphone's camera to scan in bercodes, like so.

Lastly, there will be times you enter a UPC code that matches up with one or more products; in this case, a window will first appear asking which of the items listed with this UPC you’d like to view. If there are a number of results, you can scroll down to view and select the appropriate one.

After selecting the item, you’ll notice an ‘M’ button on the right edge of the screen.

Press the Menu button on your Android phone; then press the ‘Settings’ icon that appears. The following screen will come up on the screen.

Note that the User ID and Password are, by default, both set to Demo; this will allow a customer 50 free scans to evaluate the product itself. After those fifty free scans, the customer needs to change to an account with an active subscription in order to continue to use this program.


1) Q: “When I scan, a message pops up saying that this isn’t a valid barcode, but I’ve tried the barcode on my scanner and it’s worked, and/or I’m certain that this barcode is valid!’

A: First, check the ISBN or UPC if you’re entering manually, and make sure both are correct and one matches the other. Once you’re sure of that, you’ll want to check the Settings page, and reenter your User ID and password, before clicking save. If you’re scanning barcodes with a Bluetooth scanner, you’ll want to make sure that there wasn’t an error in input that shortened or lengthened the data scanned; if it did, simply scan the item again.

2) Q: “ Every time I enter my User ID and password, and click save, the application gives me an error message and sends me back to the password screen. Even if I can get the application up, every barcode comes up with ‘not found’: What do I do?”

A: An error message popping up straight after you enter your User ID usually means there’s trouble with the account; you’ll first want to go back to the setting’s page, and double check that you’re using the same User ID and password that’s attached to your PDA. If you still get errors, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll compare information and get to the bottom of things.

3) Q: “My friend wants try scouting, out too, and I want for him to use my account, as well; when we set it up on his phone, though, it says we can’t use a different phone. What’s the problem?”

A: In order to ensure that the customers using this service are all subscribed, this application binds your User ID and Password to the first phone you try it with. If you want to switch to another phone, just give us a call, and we’ll switch your key over. This, unfortunately, does not allow two friends to use the same User ID to scout, though the unsubscribed friend does get fifty free scans at first.

4) Q: “I just signed up for your seven day free trail on the PDA service, but it’s not allowing me to use FBAScan when I enter my User ID and password!”

A: This service is only available to subscribed customers, customers who have purchased time from us, or customers who have included time from a PDA package purchased from us; it is not available to those on the free trial. However, any first time user does get fifty scans to try the program out with.

5) Q: The Bluetooth scanner I bought from a third party and/or from Socket Mobile doesn’t scan, or doesn’t seem to work properly. Can I send the scanner and my phone to you to set it up?”

A: Unfortunately, there’s little we can do with setting up or repairing scanners in office that we can’t do remotely; as well, there I a lot of risk and inconvenience with sending your phone to us. Instead, if the problems are between you and the Bluetooth scanner, you may want to contact the manufacturer at socketmobile.com and see if they can support it. If you feel there may be a physical problem with the scanner, and it has a warranty through ASellerTool, Inc. , you can call us to see if a replacement can be done.

6) Q: I thought your program was supposed to be accurate. Why are these supposedly real-time prices I'm seeing off by 4 dollars or more?

A: Make sure you check the Settings page, and make sure that 'Include Shipping Costs' is unchecked. If this box is checked, our program will add the shipping costs listed to new and used books listed, but not to FBA listings (This way, you can see the difference in price a Prime customer or those using Super-Saver Shipping would see).