FBAScan for Android and iPhone

What does FBAScan do for me?

FBAScan is an APP running on your Android Smartphone or iPhone. It allows you to scan any product that is listed on Amazon and get real-time pricing information. Information returned include USED, NEW, FBA Prices, sales ranking, product title, product type, image, and weight. Please click on the image on the right to see it in action.

How is FBAScan different from similar scouting tool in the market?

Our latest FBAScan 3.0 combines two different scouting methods, which are (1) Local Database and (2) LIVE Lookup into one single device & scanner.

Local Database is similar to the PDA Scouting we also offer. Pricing information is returned in 1/10 of a second. It does NOT require Internet connection , and thus will work in any location with or without cell phone signal.

LIVE Lookup returns real-time pricing information directly from Amazon. It requires Internet connection.

With our latest FBAScan 3.0, you no longer need to carry one PDA and then one smartphone to the field. Just bring one smartphone with you, and switch between Local Database scouting and LIVE Lookup as you wish, at any time you like.

Will FBAScan work on my phone?

FBAScan 3.0 is now available for both Android and iPhone . For Android, We recommend Samsung Galaxy with Android 4.0 For iOS, we recommend the iPhone 3GS and above with iOS 6.0.

It takes only 3-5 minutes and no cost to install and find out if your phone is supported.


The subscription cost for FBAScan 3.0 for Android and iPhone, is just $40 per month for each phone. It is the best deal in the market for doing both Local Database and Live Lookup with one phone.

MWS Registration

We recommend subscribers using FBAScan to go through the process of registration of Amazon MWS with ASellertool. The process is very simple and takes no more than 2 minutes. Click to start here.

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