FBAScan for Android and iPhone

What is FBAScan?

FBAScan is a smartphone App for Android or iPhone that allows you to check Amazon pricing information by scanning or entering the barcode of an item. Pricing information returned include: competing offers with prices & item conditions, sales ranks, title, weight...etc. The App also allows you to optionally search CamelCamelCamel for historical pricing & ranking data, and search through other online-selling sites.

Why FBAScan is the Best Scouting Software

The FBAScan App supports two scouting modes: "Local Database" and "Live Search".

With "Local Database", the pricing information is stored in a database inside the phone and information is returned instantly upon scanning. NO Internet connection is required. This allows you to check items in locations with poor signal or no signal at all.

With Internet connection, you can use "Live Search" to get real-time pricing information from Amazon. You can check on items that are not found in local database. This App provides quick access to the Amazon product details page for the item you wish to do more research on.

With this FBAScan App, you can easily switch between "Local Database" and "Live Search" mode. This will allow you to quickly check through hundreds of items with local database, and then selectively do live searches on certain items. You will have a speedy, precise, and comprehensive scouting experience with this App.

The new standalone FBAScan Live on Android Smartphone

This standalone FBAScan Live App on Android smartphone, allows you to use just the "Live Search" scouting mode, at a lower subscription cost of just $9.95 per month.

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