Data Download Troubleshooting & Tips

Q1: I cannot get past the "Contacting ASellerTool Server..." screen.

Q2: The message "Not Enough Memory Available" appears when trying to do a Data Download.

Here are the most common reasons you will see this message:

  • 1. You have used the same username and password for different PDA
  • 2. You have switched PDA's and are still using the same SD Card
  • 3. You input the wrong User ID, password or both
  • 4. You are using the PC downloader and have typed the license key incorrectly
  • 5. You account has Expired

There are a couple of ways you can troubleshoot these problems:

For #1 & #2 above: Email and let us know you have switched PDA's and need your license to be reset.

or #3 & #4 above: Make sure you have typed in the license key correctly.

For #5: Renew your subscription HERE.

If you're seeing the "Invalid License" message while you're scanning, try these steps:

Before you take the scanner out for sourcing, make sure the data have been updated within the last 7 days at least; we recommend downloading the database the night before or day of when you go sourcing for the best results. There is always an advantage of having recently refreshed data.

Yes you can either use our new Data Downloader for MAC, or download with a web browser on MAC.