Downloading to the PDA directly requires either Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista/Win7) installed on the PC before performing the download. Users should go to for Windows Mobile Device Center installation.

Connect the PDA to the PC and make sure it shows ‘Connected’ in Windows Mobile Device Center.

Windows Mobile Device Center with a Connected Device
PDA Connected to Windows Mobile Device Center

After confirming the PDA is connected, start PC Downloader.

PC Downloader Screen, With Instructions For PDA Download
PC Downloader Screen, With Instructions For PDA Download

In Step 1, in the device section, select ‘PDA’. In the ‘PDA’ section, select ‘Download to PDA’.

In Step 2, select the files you wish to download; you can choose to include books and other media items, non-media items, and our title search database.

  1. Books and other media would include books, and media categories such as DVDs, CDs, VHS Tapes, Software, and Video Games.
  2. Non-Media would include other categories, including but not limited to Toys, Non-Media would include all other Amazon categories, including Toys, Electronics, Watches, Groceries, Home, Health and Beauty, and others.
  3. Title Search would include the files needed to search for the titles of Pre-ISBN books.

In Step 3, click ‘Start’ to begin the download.

When the download finishes you will receive a popup message stating the download completed.

The Completion Pop Up Box for PC Downloader after a download.
PC Downloader After Completing a Download

To use the new database correctly, please:

  • Soft reset the PDA by pressing the stylus into the rest hole on the back of the device, above the battery cover. Alternatively, you can do so through the Asellertool program by tapping ‘Menu’, and then ‘Soft Reset’.
  • Once the PDA has fully soft reset into Asellertool, attempt a few test scans to see if data appears. If data appears after each test scan, the download has been completed successfully.

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