If you must download onto a Mac, you will need an SD card that’s 2 GB or larger.

  1. In the FBAScan program on your Android device, tap your device’s Menu button, and then ‘Account’.
  2. On this page, tap the ‘Email account button to Email a copy of your account information to yourself.
  3. Locate this e-mail, and download the attached lic.txt file. Place this file on the SD card.
  4. Follow the instructions in Section 2 of http://www.asellertool.com/support/PCDownload.htm to both install and run the Mac Data Downloader. Start to download data with the SD card inserted into the computer, and wait until it says the data has been successfully downloaded.
  5. Download and install the Android File Transfer software for Mac, located at http://www.android.com/filetransfer/ . Follow the instructions here to both install and use the file transfer software.
  6. Using the software above, locate the current ‘data’ folder on your Android device, normally located at /sdcard/asellertool/data . Delete this folder.
  7. On your computer in a Finder window, go to your Downloads folder, and then into the ‘astdownloader’ folder. Copy the ‘data’ folder here into the /sdcard/asellertool folder on your Android Device.
  8. Wait for this information to copy over completely. Once you have the data fully downloaded, make sure to test it by pressing the ‘Menu’ button on your device, and then the ‘Data Test’ option. If the device displays data for a test barcode at that time, the database has been downloaded successfully, and you may start using FBAScan with an updated database.

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