If you use workflow 1 or 2, you need to presort items based on condition. You can then turn Grading (1) ‘Off’, set quantity (2), condition (3), SKU Prefix (4), Tax (5), notes (6) (7) before you scan items.

  • Change quantity (2) by clicking on the arrow or entering a number. Amazon can split item with multiple quantities to different fulfillment centers.
  • Select either new/used or collectible (3), then select a sub condition.
  • For FBA sellers, setting a unique SKU Prefix (4) before you start a new batch is recommended. After you submit feed for the batch, You can click the Inventory Status button in the feed screen to go to Amazon inventory page. You check the status of this batch by entering the SKU prefix to make sure every pending item’s status is Inactive (Out of stock). This means Amazon accepts these items.

  • Please consult with Amazon seller support for more information about tax codes (5).

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