In order to use TurboLister to list your items on Amazon, you need to sign up your Amazon MWS account with ASellerTool. This allows TurboLister to call Amazon MWS service to create FBA shipments and list your item on your behalf. Amazon also requires you to renew your MWS account with 3rd party software vendors and you will get email from Amazon about the renewal every year.

  1. You need to have an Amazon Professional seller account (You pay Amazon $39.99 a month). The individual account does not have an MWS account and you cannot use TurboLister or any other 3rd party software for your Amazon business. We highly recommend you upgrade to an Amazon Professional account so you can use TurboLister that allows you to list 100 items in an hour.
  2. After you upgrade your seller account to Amazon Professional seller account, you can sync your MWS account with ASellerTool. You can only associate one AST user ID with your MWS account. Please make sure you log in to your Amazon seller account, not your buyer account. Some sellers may have two accounts on Amazon, one for selling and another for buying.

Please follow the steps below

  1. Click this link to enter your ASellerTool user id and password (not your Amazon account email and password)
  2. Click Submit
  1. It will navigate to Amazon Seller central page. You need to log in with your Amazon Professional seller account email and password. After login, read the detail and check the box
  2. Click Next

  1. Click Continue

  1. If you see Congratulation (6), then you successfully sync your MWS account with ASellerTool and you can use TurboLister to list your items on Amazon or create FBA shipment.

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