Number of Days with Sales measures the number of days out of the past 6 months that an item has sold at least one copy. Currently, only books and other media will return Days with Sales. Days with Sales is not available for Non-Media items. If a book or other media doesn’t display Days with Sales, the item has no sufficient sales history in our system yet.

A Closer Look

Days with Sales gives you an overview of an item’s demand history from the past 6 months. If an item is sold every day, the max Days with Sales number you’ll see is 185 (days). So, if you see a Days with Sales with a value of 26, it indicates that the item had at least 1 sale for 26 days, so roughly every week for the past 6 months.

Amazon does not provide the number of units sold and instead uses a ranking system. For example, a book with a ranking of 2K is selling faster than a book with a rank of 1 million. You know it’s selling, but you don’t know how many days it will get sold. Let’s take this a step further and say you found a book with a 4 million sales rank. You’d obviously not buy it, as it would take too long to find a buyer. However, if the same book was sold the next day, the sales rank would drop down to 120K, which is a very good sales rank for books. If you buy this book based on the 120K rank, you are guaranteed to be stuck with a slow selling book. Days with Sales helps you make accurate purchase decisions by providing the 6-month sales history of that book with one single data point.

Let’s look at some examples:

Slow Mover: If the item below has a Days with Sales of 5, this means that it sold at least one copy 5 days out of the past 6 months.

Fast Seller: The book is selling fast and has a Days of Sales of 138 which means the item sold at least one copy 138 days out of the past 6 months.

Using Days with Sales in Profit Triggers

Days with Sales is a critical data point in our earnings-driven Profit Triggers. To learn more about incorporating Days with Sales and setting up Profit Triggers click here


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