p. Lowest used price, used Buy Box price and sales rank history are very important for the seller to measure an item’s past sold history. This info is used to determine the possible future time frame to sell this item at a reasonable price. There are two ways to see sales rank history with the Scoutly app.

Method 1: View Sales History Chart in Scoutly (without Keepa subscription)

Turn on “Show History Chart” (1) in the Settings. Then, after performing a live search, the Scoutly app will show you a thumbnail image (2) of the lowest used price, used Buy Box price and sales rank history for the past 12 months. You can tap on the thumbnail image to see the history chart in the full screen. In the full screen, you can tap on the graph to see the used buy box, used price, sales rank on that date.

When you see a drop in the sales rank line, it indicates at least one sale. We circle them with a red circle in the graph below.

Method 2: With Keepa Subscription

If you subscribe to Keepa data subscription ($17 a month), you can log in to the Keepa site with your account to see the sales rank data. You will need to create a custom link to Keepa, which you can do by following the directions here.

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