After you click the “Create Shipment” button (1) on the Ship screen, you will see a pop-up screen to let you create a shipment.

You can select Create new (2) and enter a shipment name to create a new shipment. Or you can click “Add to existing” and select an existing shipment from the list (3), to add these items to one of your existing shipments.

You also need to select an option for your box content (4). If you have multiple boxes, we recommend you select the Feed option. This will let you skip the 2D barcode label for the box content. If you only have one box, you can select None. After you select the option for the Box content, you can click the Create Shipment button (5).

If you do not want to create a shipment to a certain fulfillment center, you can select it and click the “Move to Holding Bin” button (6) to move these items to the holding bin. You can click the “Reassign FC” button inside the holding bin screen to assign those items to a fulfillment center when you work on your next shipment. This will reduce split shipments and save you the shipping cost.

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