You download the pricing database to an SD card and our PDA program searches this database on the SD card to return the pricing information.

So it is Mission Critical to have multiple SD cards with you when you go out scouting. If your current SD card fails in the field, you can quickly switch to another SD card with a bit older data.

We recommend users to do the following:

  • Day 1, download data to SD card A.
  • Day 2, download data to SD card B.
  • Day 3, download data to SD card C.
  • Day 4, download data to SD card A again.

When you go out scouting, bring SD card A, B and C with you. Therefore, if SD card A fails or the PDA gives you weird error message, you can switch to SD card B or C with a bit older data to try again.

After you get a new SD card, make sure you setup the SD card with your current PDA first before downloading database onto the card.

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