Profit triggers help sellers decide whether an item is a ‘Buy’ or a ‘Reject’, based on profit amount and other factors such as Sales Score, Ranking, FBA price, used price, new price, Amazon price and Buy Box Price. It plays a customized sound and displays a message based on the result.

Video demo of profit trigger by Manny

Profit Trigger List Screen

You can access this screen by tapping Menu -> Profit Trigger.

  • Tap at the trigger number (A) to enable/disable this trigger.
  • Tap the Reset button (B) to reset all Profit Triggers to the default.
  • Tap trigger summary (C) to edit this trigger.

Edit a Profit Trigger

  1. How soon this item will get sold. You can use “Days with Sales” (D) or “Sales Rank” (E) to determine.
    1. Days with Sales: Number of days this item has sold at least one copy during that day for the past 6 months.
    2. Sales Rank: Amazon proprietary algorithm to indicate when the item was sold last time. We recommend you enable “Use Average Sales Rank” (F), so you have an idea of how quickly this item was sold during the past 6 months.

  1. Consider the max number of offers or minimum price for this trigger to signal a buy or not.
    1. Max Number of Offers: If you want to pass an item with too many sellers, disable “No Limit” (H), set a max offer number for a condition (G).
    2. Minimum Price: If you want to pass an item with a very low price, disable “No Limit” (I), set your minimum accepted price(J).

  1. Select a target price. Pick which offer positions you’d like to use (K)
    1. Option 1 is the lowest FBA price, Option 2 is the second lowest FBA price, etc.
    2. For example, if the book is popular and moves quickly, you don’t necessarily need to be the lowest offer.
    3. You can select “skip”, the trigger will ignore unchecked areas. Choose whether to ignore new FBA orders or not, when using the FBA offer position. (L)
    4. If the trigger finds an FBA offer to evaluate, they won’t look at the Used Offers. If they can’t find one, or if you’re a Merchant Fulfilled Seller, “Used Offer To Evaluate” will help you select a target list price.
    5. For “Used Offer To Evaluate”, there are options 1-5, skip, or last (one being the lowest used price).

  1. Select your options to compare the target price with Used Buy Box, whether the price is lower (M) or higher. (N)
    1. If you select to compare the target price with Used Buy Box when it is lower, then If Used Buy Box price is lower than the current Target Price, it will lower the target price to match the Buy Box.
    2. If you select to compare the target price with Used Buy Box when the price is higher, then If Used Buy Box price is higher than the current Target price, it will increase the Target Price to match Buy Box.
    3. If you select both, then it will use the Buy Box price as Target Price.

As an FBA seller, if the trigger is for the fast mover, you should match used bb only if it is higher than your current target price because you have a chance to sell at a price higher than used BB. (ex. if used BB is lower than Fair Value) For trigger targets the average mover, you should select both, so you match used Buy Box price to make your offer competitive among FBA offers. For trigger targets the long tail, you select to match used bb if it is lower, so your target price is competitive among both FBA and MF offers in order to bid for the next sale

5. Select your option to set the target price to discounted a new buy box (O) or Amazon (P) when lower than a certain percentage. You can change the discounted percentage value by tapping boxes. (Q)

6. Set the minimum target profit, you can tap to change the value. (R) Choose whether the profit is based on FBA (S) or merchant-fulfilled. (T)

7. Customize the color, (U) sound, (V) and message (W) you wish to receive for this trigger. Tap the corresponding box to change any one of these.

To exit, press the back arrow, your trigger will be automatically saved.


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