1. Backup all personal data from your PDA, as this will wipe out all your data.
  2. Get a 1GB or 2GB SD card (4GB or above SDHC Card will not work), insert to a computer, right click it and choose to format the SD card into FAT32

  1. According to your PDA model, download zip file below and unzip your computer.
    1. X51
    2. X51V
  2. Transfer 2 files to the SD Card.
    1. X51: DiAd_K_AximX51_WM5_A12EN.nb0, DiAd_K_AximX51_WM5_A12EN_nb0.crc
    2. X51V: DiAd_K_AximX51v_WM5_A12EN.nb0, DiAd_K_AximX51v_WM5_A12EN_nb0.crc
  3. Insert SD card to your PDA and make sure either the PDA is connected to the AC charger or has full battery.
  4. /while holding down both “Power” and “WiFi” buttons, press the “Reset” pin with a stylus. Continue to hold down “Power” and “WiFi” buttons until you see the SD Image updater screen.

Here is a video demonstration of the process.

  1. Press the action key twice and wait for the Rom update to finish.

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