Annotated Listing Screen on PDAFigure 23

Comment Box: This shows what comments are currently applied for a selected item, as well as the fulfillment channel, condition, and any special commands that have been enabled.

Barcode Entry Bar: This is where you scan an item’s barcodes, customized comment or command barcodes.

SKU Prefix: Usually serves as a location for an item (i.e. Shelf A, Box 1). To modify the prefix, tap this box.

SKU Suffix: A number that increases for each item scanned. To modify the suffix, tap this box. With a SKU Prefix and Suffix, you can find a sold item easily.

Listed Items Box: List of items to be uploaded. The format is below:

UPC/ISBN, SKU Prefix-SKU Suffix, Category, Fulfillment Method, Condition.

For Fulfillment methods, ‘S’ = Self-Fulfill, and ‘F’ = FBA.

For Conditions, ‘N’ = New, ‘L’ = Like New, ‘V’ = Very Good, ‘G’ = Good, and ‘A’ = Acceptable.

Comment Pop-Up Button: Allows you to choose from a list of comments for the currently selected item.

Total items to be listed: The number of items to be listed in the current batch.

Numpad Button: Tapping this button will bring up a numpad for manual entries of ISBNs or UPCs if an item does not have a barcode to scan.

Menu: This will bring up the command Menu, which allows you to toggle various special commands, as well as close the program.

Condition Menu: Allows you to select the condition for an item.

Condition Menu on Listing Screen on PDAFigure 24

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