You can assign any button on the PDA to trigger the Socket Scanner. See this video for an example.


  1. Click “Today” (1), then click “Settings” (2).
  2. In the Settings screen, click “Buttons” (3).
  3. In Buttons screen, if you already have a button assigned to SocketScan, then set that to None from the drop-down list (4).
  4. Select the button you’d like to trigger the Socket Scanner. For the Dell X51, button 1 is the Calendar button (left front). Button 2 is the Contact button (2nd left front). Button 3 is the Message button (3rd left front). Button 4 is the Home button (right front). Button 5 is the Record button (Bottom on the left side). Button 6 is the WiFi button (Middle on the left side).
  5. Select the “SocketScan” program from the drop-down list (5) for the button you want to use.
  6. Click OK (6) to finish.

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