Connect (pair) KDC 200 or 200i scanner to your smartphone

  1. If your scanner connects to a phone currently, turn off the Bluetooth on your phone, so there is no connection to the scanner. This is needed in order to perform factory reset on your scanner.
  2. Download and print out this document
  3. Turn on the scanner
  4. Scan barcode labeled as “a.” Wait for 10 seconds. Then scan barcode labeled as “b” and “c.”
  5. Scan barcode labeled as “4” according to your phone type. If you have an Android phone, scan the first barcode. If you have an iPhone, scan the second barcode.
  6. Scan barcode labeled as “Pairing”
  7. Scan barcode labeled as “Beeper Sound OFF” to disable the beep.
  8. Go to your phone -> Settings -> Bluetooth
  9. Turn on Bluetooth and search for the scanner.

Full setup document is here. We recommend you use HID mode (page 2) to connect the scanner to your phone.

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